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In Topic: Disc improvement without crazy changes

19 January 2018 - 09:38 AM

Agreed. I started to play disc in TBC (hell, priest was my first character made ever), but this xpac just killed it. I have 3 priests, none of them are 110 just yet.


The only part I don't agree with it's been worse and worse since Cata. In my opinion MoP disc was well spot on, with a niche of shielding, plenty fun and high-skillcapped skills and fast-paced playstyle with potential for being offensive. It wasn't perfect, obviosly, but compared to the shit we have today, I would grab it anytime.


Personally, I would rank the spec the following:


Wotlk > TBC = MoP > Cata >>> Wod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Legion


And I have no hopes for BfA either (not until we get back instant Mending, non-cd and strong shields and baseline SW:D).

In Topic: Any Servers Worth Playing?

27 September 2017 - 06:22 AM

Warmane is the result of the merge of Molten-WoW and Arena-Tournament. The staff is largely the same.


I'm aware of that, although afaik the original AT project manager left long ago.


The result is still abysmal; they made a server-wipe (including hard-earned items, cosmetics, titles, mounts and donor rewards), completely stopped development, have no GM supporting or newly risen bug fixes (like CloS bug is there for a year now?) and last time I checked they barely have any tournaments or fun events (Quel'danas, Ulduar) anymore.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

26 September 2017 - 09:13 AM

You made very solid points to which I agree 100% with you. If these were directed toward me (just assuming) then I have to restate that I DO think they should add solo q and in fact I would probably even use it. The only reason I am saying everything above is because of all the people saying "it will save pvp" "it will bring 3v3 teams matches up" are completely wrong. The only thing I think soloq is going to fix is downtime. I believe it will hurt arena in other areas mildly but at this point arena is nothing to look forward to anyway so I think they should just add it and get it over with


Well, they were [directed to you], partially. Most of your opinion reflected your criticism of the discussed idea, but I can see how we are in fact in agreement.  :duckers:


And yes, sadly, it won't save PvP. At this point I'm not sure anything would.

Now we already discussed the issues with arena/LFG thoroughly, and duels/outdoor pvp is a monstrosity since 7.0; but I didn't think battlegrounds were that bad as well. I just played some bgs in recent days and for the first time since I play the game, I seriously thought about quitting. The horror of all those fucking aoe abilities, retarded dmg spamming and braindead tunneling along with every single class moving around like they have a non-cd heroic leap makes WoD or the worst of MoP (khm Malevolent BM :hunter: ) look good and desirable.


I always loved BGs and RBGs (played up to HOTA-lvl) and they were on of the last thing that made me to return live PvP after I lost interest in arenas in WoD. Seems the only thing left for me is Ashran and AV.


Now that I'm done ranting: we need the soloQ for arena to have any kind of pvp participation. If not, this legion kind of aoe spamming and the lack of situational/utility spells will finish off the remnants of pvp for good.

In Topic: Any Servers Worth Playing?

26 September 2017 - 08:00 AM

Warmane WOTLK has a decent community and playerbase, although not that big*.


They launched a Cata server too, which is also pretty much dead.* I am not aware of any other well scripted and/or populated Cata server.


As for MoP, pandaWoW was hiped for time, not sure how it is now. There is a Hungarian MoP server, in fact one of the oldest private servers still running since vanilla: Tauri. Mostly populated by Hungarians, but it's well scripted and has a big playerbase - there is even a twink community (have a lvl 69 twink mage since TBC there).



Warmane is btw hugely responsible for it. The ruined both arena-tournament AND Molten-WoW (the former was the greatest arena/bg server of all time and the latter was a really decent Cata server). Sure, they launched the progressive WOTLK Loarderon, but that's too little gain for the losses.

In Topic: PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

11 September 2017 - 01:09 PM

so yea I'm glad I can play some games with people I enjoy playin with from time to time rather then playing dota on EUWEST with 4 russians


So if you don't have people to enjoy playing with, then too bad, you are basically screwed? Also how would soloQ affect your particular team? If they would instantly leave they might not enjoy playing together as much as you think.


To probe this thought further:



Normally the only thing holding them back from leaving so soon was the fact that they don't want to be stuck in lfg. Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you? If they are 1900 in solo q why the fuck are they going to want to start fighting premades at 0 rating.


Don't you find it very telling, that joining LFG is the only thing holding back ppl from leaving their team? Isn't this maybe yet another evidence for LFG being utterly bad?

SoloQ would be not to fix the "game", but to fix a fixable issue: playing the game instead of constant search and hope that this time, you could get people to play through losses. It would simply neglect the biased and fallible human judgement based on -most of the time- unverifiable achievements/ratings and would drop you directly into the arena.


Answering your question ("Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you?"): maybe they would if that's the only way to get glad titles/mounts? 

No pver is going to think "OH BOY SOLO Q IM GOING TO ARENA NOW ALL THE TIME".


No, probably not. But at least some of them could join and play the game on occasion and maybe -who knows?- get lucky, find people to play with. Maybe not, but it's a better bet than LFG.



One last note: 


I think no one argues that soloQ would suddenly fix the game and the deep issues with it (and it would definitely not bring back Mending and baseline SW:D to disc  :mad: ). It could however offer a chance to play competitively for people without the EU top50 on friend list and without 5 hours of play/day. Not just pvers but in fact many old pvpers. 

I just don't see how could you not understand this and how would soloQ ruin your gaming experience or steal your titles/team members.