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#2489023 [3v3] LSD (Destro, Resto, Boom) - General Strats/Advice

Posted Pownz on 09 August 2010 - 08:10 AM

real LSD would be much more succesful obviously but... that comp should be viable,

basically save starfal for when you are very offensive and can go for a kill and turtle until its back up.  

dont save lust, go for a quick gib right off the bat with the first starfall, your druid has to be good at surviving not just turreting damage as 90% of the teams you will face see the boomkin and instantly jiz their pants.

you (the shaman) with peels from your lock/druid you shouldnt ever be a viable kill target unless you get into horrible positioning.  Basically hump a pillar and force them to go on your druid and let your lock have a hay day