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Best way to find partners?

16 November 2014 - 06:08 AM

With oQueue gone, I have no idea how to find 2k-2.4k players to play with. My server's pretty dead pvp-wise. Is the only reliable way to get partners to transfer to one of the servers that have 4 hour wait times? I constantly feel like I'm in a vacuum where there are lots of players above and below my range. I can't find people to play with so I never really have a chance to improve and (possibly) push to some higher ratings.

The last two successful teams I found through surfing oQueue died early because one of the members on each team quit for real life reasons. In S9 I was running fmp and we hit 2.5k mmr and were cruising along, but my mage quit before the team rating hit 2.2k. Is there something to look for in teammates that might indicate their willingness to continue playing?

I apologize if this came off as really whiny. I just feel like I'm finally reaching the ends of my patience as I'm starting to feel helpless in finding partners at this point. I play with lower rated players a lot, hoping that maybe some of them will be able to learn and come up to at least the 2k range, but I haven't had any luck with it--the communication & finesse just isn't there.

Thanks for any advice!