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In Topic: Hunter+Rdruid vs Most heal/dps comps

23 February 2015 - 08:46 PM

View PostSigurdjr, on 23 February 2015 - 07:47 PM, said:

Yes, I am very well aware of that hunter+rdruid is pretty much the FOTM of 2v2.

I cant seem to be able to kill anything. Its a frustrating feeling when you are being able to lock down healers for 20+ sec with stuns, pushbacks, cyclones, traps, silence etc, and still not being able to land a kill on mostly any dps.
Same goes with if I would go hunting healers, Im only able to take down less-decent shamans.

At the same time, if someone would control my druid for half the time that we do, I would be dead in seconds.

Any advice?

(I do assume that scorpion is used against all healer+dps comps)

You win in dampening regardless, your playing the best 2v2 comp in the game, you should go 600-0

In Topic: resto druid op and easy

19 February 2015 - 02:53 AM

To "some" of the people commenting this thread:
I think people should stop throwing comments about the players skill level. If you stop and think before you post, you´d realize that the player is actually impressed with his performance and results playing a low-geared restoration druid. The rating he achieved is most likely satisfying for him when he compares it to his earlier performance on other classes, and thus drawing the conclusion that restoration druids are in fact overpowered, something that is already proven by both statistics of representation, and by described gaming experiences from most experienced and high-end arena players, if not all. However there is a possibility that the player is trolling, my conclusion is that he is not.

To the author: Ive seen worse cases, i even managed to achieve a higher MMR than your current rating on my restoration druid playing jungle cleave (Feral Druid, Survival Hunter, Restoration druid) with both me and the hunter playing with similar gear to yours. I guess this game being in a "total" shitstate will help me finish my last year at university, because i´m not to fond of arena for the time being.

In Topic: Psychic Scream buffed to 30 sec CD on PTR for shadow.

14 February 2015 - 04:31 PM

Will not be enough, but its a start, maybe you can start playing mage priest comps again.

In Topic: Things disc/holy priests need to be viable again

13 February 2015 - 01:25 AM

Lets just be realistic here. No changes that effect PVE in any major way will be implemented. My suggestions are:

*Make shields have stacks or un-dispellable (both PW:S and CoW). Or make so that if the absorbation shields are purged, the target takes a reduced % of damage/ increase versatility and generate a % amount of mana if that starts to be a problem (its not currently because priests are to dog to go oom). Or give disc a undispellable renew when a target gets purged of his shields.

*Make some major glyphs baseline. There are simply to many currently to pick from. ex: MD, Inquisitor, Fade, Shadow Magic, Penance, Weakend Soul. etc.

*Reduce cooldown on psychic Scream and while we are buffing this talent row, might aswell buff mindcontrol somehow to actually make it viable outside of Lumber Mill in AB. Maybe make Void Tendrils baseline and implement another ability similiar to Fear but on Polymorph school, making comps with Warlocks and druids more viable.

*Give some freedom effect, maybe the 4 set pieace.

*When stunned, feared, or rooted (w/e) make PoM instant cast.

*Make SWD have no Facing requirment.

*Rework PVP-setbonus to incresse healing output.

*Bring back inner focus to avoid silences and interupts and incresse the critcal strike chance of the next Flash Heal or Heal by 100%. (This would also make CoW, more viable because of the long casttime).

Not sure if this would be enough, but those are suggestions.

In Topic: My god the amount of kickbotters in 2's

11 February 2015 - 03:01 AM

Played almost every season since s5, with the exception of mop where i played a month. I have never experienced this many kickboters in my life. Game is full of them, playing healer and caster on different classes all season, you can sure as hell tell if someone is doing it. Even had a guy in my PVE guild interupting pve bosses on 0.05 sec casttime. Forgot to turn the bot off, lol.

Repport function for this is pretty bad aswell, you need to send a freakking mail to blizzard, maybe even record a video. The bots can be configured to randomize when they interupt casts. Wich makes it seem more legit. Reason im not linking anything is because i dont want more people to get their hands on this shit.