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Haste vs. Mastery discussion spriest

13 January 2015 - 10:05 AM

Recently started gearing my spriest up and finally have enough conquest for my weapon but can't decide between the haste/multistrike staff vs. the crit/mastery one. i have checked several sites where they ranked haste>mastery>crit=multistrike. With that in mind i feel like the haste/multistrike staff is a no brainer. But the more i think about it the more i feel like mastery could be better since damage during your burst window is significantly higher.

I armoried a bunch of spriest on the ladder and it seems like theres no clear answer. Majority enchant their weapon with Mark of the Warsong but enchant their neck/cloak/rings with mastery. A couple enchant their neck/cloak/rings with haste but enchant Mark of the Bleeding Hollow on their weapon. And then theres talbadar and Hewty who went haste/multistrike staff+haste enchants everywhere.

Since season been out for awhile, can a few high rated spriest share their thoughts? would really appreciate it. thanks ^_^