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In Topic: [Spriest] Need help against rogues.

23 April 2013 - 09:08 PM

Well, I assume you mean versing a double dps comp with a rogue, since it sounds like you die very early.

Anyway, assuming the mage already is out of invis and you two are waiting for them to open, the first thing you two should be doing is spamming AoEs. Although this won't pop out the rogue anymore because of subterfuge, you can avoid a sap or potentially take a second or two off of subterfuge for the rogue.

Now if your mage got sapped, you should immediately drop a psyfiend and hope they open on you. Psyfiend can completely screw over a rogue's opener since it will fear them during stealth/subterfuge.

Next, if the rogue pops shadow blades, you should immediately disperse, since thats most of the damage. Basically, if the worst case opener happens, you have to buy as much time as possible so you can life swap the mage with alter time up.

The mage can do a few things:

- He can sit the sap and trinket the blind, then alter time so you can life swap and both be at full health

- He can trinket sap, pop alter time, then alter time out of the blind (risky since they could notice alter time up and wait to blind, but that still gives the mage 6 seconds to do something)

- He can trinket sap, block blind, then alter time for the life swap

From there, you should try to get the rogues trinket with a fear (if he hasnt already trinketed), then kill in a deep. I would also recommend mindbender versus this team since you get few opportunities to do damage.

Basically, you have to use alter time and life swap properly, because without either of those you will lose. Also be weary of rogues with that PvE trinket as that shit hurts. Played this to almost 2100 in 2s, so its viable, just hard versus some comps.