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#3482358 BiS s10 gear

Posted Easiestsap on 12 September 2011 - 08:01 PM

I thought I would come in here and end the debate, seeing some of the posts on aj these days makes me want to puke it is so disgusting.  I do not know what you are thinking using those trinkets Iurk, Darkmoon Card licks old wrinkly man testicles and Unheeded was only good when it proc'd weapon damage even then it was mediocre at best.  I say UHW is not even that good or it ever was close to good is the proc is short as fuck and it was a joke trying to base your shadow dances on it pre nerf.  I truly believe as a human rogue at this moment I have the best possible setup you can have granted I have Regular Mode Rhyo cloak and not the Heroic one, I have over 4k resil close to 15k ap (unbuffed) and 20/20 expertise and 34% crit.  I kind of thought about using the rag trinket i have but the proc is complete shit and it gives a stat I have too much of as sub all ready which is Crit.  It has a 1 minute 45 second ICD I believe but would give me a passive 406 agility.  I feel the Insignia proc trinket far exceeds the damage and pressure I can put out paired with the on use badge. The Ruthless agi proc gives you 1218 Agility for 20 sec on a 45 second ICD (which if you do not know the icd starts the countdown the second it procs).  When I get a strong opener with Insignia proc'd and I pop my badge I can get over 30k ambushes and pretty much slay a nerd on my first dance if they do not blow massive amounts of cd's.  
   That being said I also fooled around with using double on use trinkets as human with the 371 and 384 paired together, to use one every dance it is nice to have a big damage dance every time you pop shadow dance (which should be used on cd or it is a wasted ability in my honest opinion in the current state of the game).  All if all I feel like the proc trinket paired with the badge is your best bet as a human rogue atm, I mean it is pretty fucked up that I have over 4k resil and then with proc+on use I can hit for over 30k over and over. Sorry for this wall of text I have just been really upset with the quality of posts on aj the past few years, no one can take anything serious.  I have seen a few good posts get blown up due to trolls, I just wish people had the consideration and respect to read posts and threads and if they didn't agree just voice their opinion in a non trolling manner. This site used to be a great site to learn from the best players discussing Strategies specs and gear etc now it is a huge trolling monstrosity, that is all I hope you can read this and agree with me all of you rogues out there have a great day. xoxo

p.s sorry for the wall of text, plus rep if you read this and agree!!

#2762309 Why does everyone dislike this guy so much?

Posted GLopez on 26 October 2010 - 05:30 PM

You guys seriously have absolutely no idea what his job entails. And the worst part of that is that it means you have no idea why you hate the guy so much.

The person who said he's more of a "legal person" is right. GC discusses, approves, and helps implement ideas, specifically ones that affect class balance, but he rarely creates new concepts. He didn't design Armor Penetration, he didn't design haste, and he didn't decide how long season 8 would last. Those things all fell to different designers and executives.

It's really ridiculous. All the guy is is a messenger. Of course he makes missteps here and there; after all, he's human. But the way you guys demonize him without knowing what he actually does has done nothing but make developers look at this board and think, "What a bunch of hyper-emotional retards." That's why they look for the advice of very specific people, like Affix and Serennia, and typically leave the questions of the rest of the higher-rated PVP community unanswered.

Also, in all the bitterness, you guys are forgetting that, as flawed as season 8 was, at least every season was an improvement in terms of balance. Damage was still outrageous, especially for Elemental Shamans and Destruction Warlocks, but, at the end of it all, all classes were viable in PVE and PVP, something developers for classic WOW and TBC could not claim in any shape or form. And, despite all of that, the developers, especially GC, have not gotten cocky, and they have public admit that there are still big mistakes to be rectified, which is why Cataclysm is getting so much attention.

In short, a mix of egomania, naivette, and ignorance have created a culture of bitching and blame games on this forum, and it's done nothing but hurt the PVP community in the eyes of the developers.

#2733013 [Blizzard] Seems like blizzard did it?

Posted Valkyrie on 19 October 2010 - 07:19 PM

Here's a GMs response 2 weeks before the end of the season.

(Not my ticket)

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