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In Topic: New Legion PvP Changes

18 December 2015 - 01:27 AM

View PostFakalock, on 17 December 2015 - 08:14 AM, said:

Can't realy say that im positive to alot of this..

The strongbox system that they parised suck A*S! I farmed ashran every week sence release on two locks. Still havn't got the int/haste or the int/mastery trinket on eider. Makeing gear RNG based in pvp is nothing but retarded. I would have 30% instead of 23% haste if i'd gotten both last and current version of the int/haste. Those % makes alot of differance.

The fact that R-droods can choose a thing that makes roots not break on dmg is also retarded. That makes the root better then the old fear that barely ever breaked.

Splitting titles between factions is also dumb. Atleast based on how it all is now. Would have been a good thing 7 years ago tho. This will only resault in top player having one alt on horde aswell and still getting the top titles. Wich they should cause they are better. It will not make it easier to get titles. Maby challanger and rival but above that it will be the same ppl just with an alt. The problem itself is that all races got different racials. Makeing ally so much fking better. They could eider do it so that ie. Human/orc got same racial and so on. Or just simple remove the racials. Problem tho is that the PVP scene is so small now that if you go horde, sure you can get rival easier, but u wount have any1 to play with.. Having all pvpers on ally now still only occupies 2-3 servers in EU (outland, ravencrest and like one other).

Not sure how i feel about the honor lvl systems. To similar to the paragon lvl's in D3. Just an endless farming, wich sucks. Main reason why i once so many years ago abondoned PVE to only do pvp was cause it wasn't farming. It was engaging all the time. Tbh i think this will be a problem in the start. If a bad player with alot of time get high honour lvl he might beat a good player that only playes a few houers after work simply cause u dont have the time to keep up with the honor lvl in the start.

Kinda like that they give better gear to higher rated players. Thats a thing i miss. Remember back in s3 when my class mates were so jellus of me and my epic pvp shoulders compleeteing the set ^^ I hope it will not turn out that those who hardcore pve and suck at pvp will be able to win vs decent player who focus pvp just cause they can get higher ilvl gear. 2,5% might not seem much, but it could be.