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As combat, Y not glyph expose armor & get 12% extra

25 May 2014 - 12:41 AM

I know in PVE it is a dps loss, personally, good benefit raid wide.. but what is the translation over to pvp? As a combat rogue, most all damage is physical - if you want to "up" your sustained wouldn't a 12% armor debuff all the time be worth it? Especially when bursting with killing spree?

Videos, tips for my Holy Priest bud. Dies way to often.

06 April 2014 - 06:37 AM

I run 2's -- HPriest/Sub Rogue.

My Hpriest dies really fast to any comp with a warrior, feral or mage. Or just about any dbl dps comp if he is trained.

Even when I am peeling. Dismantle, shiv slows, stuns etc... He is always slowed and just can't get away.. no LOS.

So, he is new to arena - so I understand that. He is also a big PVE'er, so I think some habits are hard to break.

Should a warrior be able to 1 v 1 him in like 30 seconds or less? or a mage/feral in under 10secs?

It just seems like he is always near death. For his second cc he is taking tendrils.

Are there any hpriest videos / tips?

Perhaps I need, as a rogue, do things differently.

This is what he takes (for 2's)
    Body and Soul
    Spectral Guise
    Divine Insight

Glyph of inner sanctum
Glyph of Fade
Glyph of Renew

11.44% haste
12.95% crit
26.7% mastery

Nerve Strike nerf is seeing rise of.....

17 March 2014 - 08:53 PM

I've been perusing the 3v3 rankings for a bit, and I "thought" with new weapons rogue's were gonna scale hardcore - BUT, unless the top rogues aren't playing, I am not seeing this represent itself out on the rankings.

I see the 2200+ ladder dominated by locks/hunters/WARRIORS/mages.

Two questions:
1.) Is the idea that rogues scale HUGELY with weapons a bygone belief which is not applicable anymore, or other classes scale better?

2.) Has the nerf to Nerve Strike reduced rogues arena validity by a huge amount AND has caused a few classes to overly represent themselves on the ladders since their damage is no longer peeled like it once was by rogues?

Of course, with CC dominating WoW arena and dispells on a 8 second CD isn't helping us.

where there any rogues at blizzcon?

09 November 2013 - 07:56 PM

truth be told, I wasn't watching it -- seems too unorganized and scatterd.. but I heard no mention of any rogues represented. If so, did they fair well? Any links to recorded streams?

I know it is "just 2's" but I have a paying right to have fun.. help

05 November 2013 - 08:54 AM

I know many of you probably subscribe to the mantra "its 2's, its imbalanced..".

But you know, I don't have a mage pal to run with, or a hpriest.

2's literally makes me want to quite this game every time I play for cap.

I am out damaged, out cc'd, out survived by nearly every single dps class. I want to Dance, I'm cc'd thru the whole thing or partially. I have another DPS on the ropes... they have some healing and they are full. Repeatedly.

Sure, I win some -- but against equally skilled players of the monk, warrior, hunter etc.. classes it is such a struggle that it's literally not enjoyable at all. It's not that its ok to have counters.. it's not counters, it's literally a shutdown. There is NO recourse, nothing. Having a chance to win is exciting.. having no chance is a recipe for monitor smashing.

I mean, is my only recourse to run with a mage so they can peel the shit out of everything so I can do some damage or run away.... do I need to run with a hpriest?

I'm starving for energy if I try for more damage with assassination. I'm sitting in so much cc that by the time I have energy.. I'm sitting in a root. Sure, I can blow a vanish or a cloak -- gg. now I am I just tunneled when I don't have anything.

This season is just one big fucking slice of horse shit sprinkled with dick cheese. I don't care if any of you are Holinka sycophants, the dude is a fucking dipship.

My guess is if he nerfs warriors - casters will have their only deterrent diminished so they will just pwn everything that walks azeroth.