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In Topic: Why is BoS still in WoD :c

04 July 2014 - 07:54 PM

View PostSpeedymart, on 04 July 2014 - 03:30 PM, said:

treants need to fucking go too

just because something else is broken doesnt mean its ok to keep BoS in the game

Actually, it does.  This has nothing to do with morality, but rather mechanics.

If every class had machine guns, endless ammo.... then rogues got this cool ability to run behind corners real fast because "their" guns were not as strong and their ammo runs out..... you can't say "Well man!! I should be able to kill them dead!! Their ability to get away is lame.. not my fault I have big guns that fire all the time... that 'running' is not right! ".

IF everyone has an instant gib for a rogue, does way more damage, equal or better cc, more survival...... then it certainly is pertinent that a rogue should have an ability, that allows them some breathing room.

Don't be a dolt.

In Topic: Combat Rogue Guide 5.4.8

20 June 2014 - 09:31 PM

View Postglonglon, on 18 June 2014 - 01:52 PM, said:

AR+SB opener is great to ramp up bandit's guile and force trinkets, then you can score kills on the target without trinket with ks+smoke(optional)+killing spree.

This man, taught me this playstyle.

Does that char stream at all? they have twitch link?

In Topic: Best Rogue change in a while (WoD)

16 June 2014 - 01:52 AM

View Postjaimex, on 13 June 2014 - 11:46 PM, said:

gg buff rogues

not like they arent op enough or anything

Right now, in U.S., there are a whopping 13 rogues higher than you on the ladders.. most of them, renowned rogues who've been playing their chars for years....

40 locks higher than you
~38/40 Mages higher than you
36 Hunters higher than you
34 ele/enh shamans higher than you
34 warriors higher than you

I don't think rogues are the problem. I think you just don't know how to deal with them, when it is apparent your betters do. Stop crying and learn more.

In Topic: Which talent tier 15 are you going with in WoD?

05 June 2014 - 07:44 PM

View PostVaneesh, on 03 June 2014 - 02:35 AM, said:

....Responding to this troll post since I accidentally +rep'd it. Holinka started working at Blizzard 1 month before MoP was released, which means he has had 0 say in MoP's overall PvP philosophy, and probably didn' t have the same responsibilities back then that he has now. There's no doubt his design style will influence the game, but at least he  acknowledges the ridiculous balance issues in the game and doesn't try to defend them. It's fair to say Blizz hasn't really given 2 shits about mid-high rated PvP in a long time, so having someone at the helm who does can't be a bad thing.

Oh yeah, the "blame Bush" tactic... that is a good one. Can get a lot of mileage out of blaming someone else. Who is PVP Dev now? What changes have been made to balance the shitstorm that is pvp since the release? I wait with baited breadth to read "hotfixes" or "updates" to address these issues. Since the start of the season, it has been apparent what is lopsided and needs addressing.. no dice. Holinka is too busy playing the celebrity on twitter to really care. Stop ass kissing, its demeaning to your character.

In Topic: Which talent tier 15 are you going with in WoD?

31 May 2014 - 11:18 PM

It is safe to assume that with HOLINKA at the helm, WoD arena will be as much as a disgrace as the current season. I'm sure he'll be too busy drinking or taking selfies to address any concerns. Peace out.