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Hunters in MoP

27 April 2013 - 03:21 PM

Since no one really talks about it

We have high damage (Should naturally for any class in the game who's only option is to dps as other pure dps should have higher output naturally) that's linked to a pet currently.

We have instant cc (scatter, pet stun, silence, trap) the longest of which can be countered by collapsing on the target of the AoE. (Cross CC is needed majority of the time, while this comes with any class trying to cc using 2-4 cd's at once isnt' a type of game play I'm aware of with other classes, however does attribute to the uniqueness of the class.)

We have usable utility (Freedom, Crit immunity)

Defensively we have deterrence and our ability to avoid damage,

As marksman we naturally countered mages because high physical dps, that you can't kite. Now most of our damage is tied to pets and it's really not that hard to cc a pet if your conscious of it, we don't have the same up time on a class like a mage but our burst went up considerable with kc/bs. I understand how we're better than let's say ele shamans, boomkins, ret paladins, even warlocks because of all the cleaves in the game. I would just like to know what, how and, why hunter nerfs needed

- With that being said I suggest freezing trap simply be removed from the game we operate off of ice traps and our instants being scatter/silence/pet cc, because let's be honest trap is the clunkiest shit ever and is not a top priority in terms of fixing and has been so for over 3 expansions. Add 1 sec to scatter/silence and remove trap, so we no longer operate off of a clunky AoE cc that isn't based off of the character it's linked to in terms of coding.

This is all just open conversation, I really don't care if you don't like my suggestion it's just a suggestion. Just trying to see what everyone thinks of the situation

- edit tried to fix dumbshit, sorry for contributing to cancer in small ways