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#4271260 Get your glad sanctum to lvl 3, 1500 conq pts for the highmaul arena quest.

Posted Lazeeqt on 21 November 2014 - 01:32 AM

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15 mins later, thanks again Blu :duckers:

#4244914 Hunters in WoD

Posted Lazeeqt on 27 October 2014 - 11:42 PM

mm has dmg and nuke, it feels more smooth at 100 but what i hate about it is the new mastery. usually i get trained all game and i have to move a lot so sniper training is useless. what i like on survival is that i use glyph of snake trap, root healer and trap after;
all traps being 12 seconds cd is really nice as survival, i can peel a lot using explosive trap and snake root(also snake root requires 100% additional damage taken for root to break from some perk) also new set bonus gives you 50 focus after freezing trap and its quite nice

imo if survival gets a dmg boost( my theory is they will buff it since pve dmg is low and because survival has no nuke/cd/kill stuff they will have to make survival hit hard all the time and based on blizz history of balance stuff you might have to rename survival with Steroid spec) will be t1 comp viable.

time to tweet holinka about how my guild master wants to kick me cause survival dmg sucks in pve :o3

#3783127 "World of warcraft players are shit"

Posted Lazeeqt on 29 September 2012 - 01:45 PM

if he really feel like that let him be, are you guys jealous because u still play wow from your moms basement?

#3775196 The Arena Junkies PvP interview with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

Posted Lazeeqt on 19 September 2012 - 11:53 PM

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#3767536 blizzard mistake[?]

Posted Lazeeqt on 13 September 2012 - 03:11 PM

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#3766693 blizzard mistake[?]

Posted Lazeeqt on 12 September 2012 - 07:31 AM

View PostNixxy, on 12 September 2012 - 07:20 AM, said:

so which server and faction will everyone be playing in mop
horde on sylvanas

#3762145 blizzard mistake[?]

Posted Lazeeqt on 07 September 2012 - 09:27 AM

I found something really interesting on http://www.arenajunk...-rules-2152011/

Against Blizzard's Terms of Service
- 1 pt - Account Selling / Trading -We do not allow this as it is against Blizzard's TOS.
- 1 pt - Anything else that breaks TOS.

shouldn't the wintraders get some ban points ^^?

#3759929 Blizzard took actions against Legit Players/Wintraders/AccountShare

Posted Lazeeqt on 05 September 2012 - 12:46 AM

i wish i could type a joke about why blizz choose 9/11 for season rewards but ill get ban for it :(  for as far as the thread goes 9 out of 11 ppl wont understand this joke anyway

#3758565 5.4 PVP Power and Resilience Guide

Posted Lazeeqt on 03 September 2012 - 04:44 PM

Eldacar restored faith in humanity on AJ

#3756282 Shiftyx the 13 year old ddoser kicked me off my gladiator team.

Posted Lazeeqt on 01 September 2012 - 05:44 AM

can i have his ID picture?? im good at photoshop

#3753242 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Lazeeqt on 28 August 2012 - 03:02 PM

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#3753217 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Lazeeqt on 28 August 2012 - 02:52 PM

View Postkhuna, on 28 August 2012 - 02:47 PM, said:

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you fucking moron, took me 3min

cu in jail im done with this shit, bye

btw Xandyn was the one who ddosed Snutz after we lost NAO2 with ZUnn and NEITHER ME NOR ZUNN were ok with it, he just did it alone and told it to us after

And thats the exact same situation here


imo Khuna you try a bit to hard... why all this rage now? it makes you look suspicious... like you knew from the start about hydra and now you just try to save your public image and you spam forums about how much xandyn sucks so non will look at you. and ofc xandyn doesnt give a fuck about negative image... his like russians, proud to be badass

#3753203 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Lazeeqt on 28 August 2012 - 02:46 PM

everything Xandyn posts is photoshop !

#3652462 Gurthalak tentacles

Posted Lazeeqt on 28 February 2012 - 08:39 AM

Dunno if you guys knew this or not but i was doing 2s today and randomly decided to get outside in the real world and it worked :D

but then i took an arrow to the knee... so im back

#3557963 warrior in s11

Posted Lazeeqt on 22 November 2011 - 10:12 AM

View Postzephah, on 21 November 2011 - 09:04 PM, said:

hey friends thinking about leveling my warr up from 80, will i hate my life considering i primarily play mage/rogue
not at all, do it