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#3236195 [IRL] Official OT IRL Picture's

Posted treeqt on 12 May 2011 - 01:31 PM

View PostThanatos, on 12 May 2011 - 08:42 AM, said:

was about to ask you guys if you'd be interested getting together for BLC and do stuff like 3v3s against each other but I'm US and you're all EUs mostly; lag for me :C oh well anyone interested who regulars here? Kinda a good time to play til monday >>

Busy with work tomorrow and thursday I'm going out. There's too much threads already with people sending out invites so I might as well just ask you guys myself  :lol:

add treeqt ingame 8]

View PostFruttyfizz, on 12 May 2011 - 12:30 PM, said:

and since u are all afraid to post pics of you, ill post some of mine.
picture 1picture 2 picture 3 picture 4


#3229558 [IRL] Official OT IRL Picture's

Posted decrypted on 09 May 2011 - 02:24 AM

photoshop didn't help you very much

Posted Image

#3232538 Is pegging gay?

Posted EzeNt on 10 May 2011 - 03:54 PM

you must be gay as fuck if you enjoy taking it up the ass

#1780393 [IRL] The Weed / Drugs Thread

Posted Slappywag on 29 January 2010 - 12:50 AM

I've tried most of the "main drugs". TBH I think it's fine as a life experience if you're smart about it. If you do your research and aren't a retard there's obviously not going to be any permanent damage from trying a couple of the drugs above weed (obviously I'm not talking about shooting up heroin or crystal meth).

If you're actually interested in learning about drugs I'd go to http://www.erowid.org. I'm not suggesting you start doing heaps of drugs or anything like that obviously, but if you decide that you want to try something once with your friends it's good to be informed and safe.

#3235966 how to WIN as warrior

Posted Guest on 12 May 2011 - 09:28 AM

View PostTenk, on 08 May 2011 - 09:06 AM, said:

Pretty sure I'd rather have a big burly man helping lift a few hundred pound bar off my chest than a dainty girl.

Wanna hook up?

#3235431 how to WIN as warrior

Posted AfrothundeR on 11 May 2011 - 11:12 PM

#3227904 how to WIN as warrior

Posted Discretionz on 08 May 2011 - 01:30 AM

OR. u can bang 7gm rocks and start bi winning.

#3222860 S10 - The season of the....

Posted Mity on 05 May 2011 - 04:47 AM

inb4 shit name shit season shit game

#3227803 how to WIN as warrior

Posted Kushhx on 08 May 2011 - 12:35 AM

Sorry I get all my warrior advice from this guy, sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

#3219481 Slam bug verification

Posted Braindance on 03 May 2011 - 11:44 AM

View PostFruttyfizz, on 03 May 2011 - 07:10 AM, said:

he just ooooooowned you all :D
ps. maybe he is using Keybind profiler so the 8 9 0 - = have 2nd keybinds
You hit right on spot my friend but its not like my  key binds are important or anything.What is important is to figure out what is wrong with slam- im either delusional (might be the case and if it is im deeply sorry) or it is not working properly.Sorry again for the misinformation i posted on the other thread (40% on improved slam).

#3218792 Patch 4.2 Notes

Posted Reesezpiecez on 03 May 2011 - 03:02 AM

View PostTwocat, on 03 May 2011 - 03:01 AM, said:

it's just preview notes
Preview notes that can suck my dick ^_^

#3161255 Heroic Arena Maps

Posted Pregnant on 01 April 2011 - 10:32 PM

They could have spent this time removing every map and remodeling Nagrand 6 times.

#3094327 Character Verification

Posted abtronic on 27 February 2011 - 02:49 PM

View Postkaizai, on 27 February 2011 - 01:48 PM, said:

Still having this problem.

its because its not fixed

rep if helped

#2574227 Arena MS paint rage thread!

Posted Rathex on 02 September 2010 - 06:31 PM

Improve said:

doesn't work