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Yesterday, 10:37 PM

Hello guys/girls

Im playing on beta at 100 with full pvp gear Thugcleave, I'm playing survival, rogue assassination and priest disc and so far I got very very good results with survival. Atm im switching between BM and Surv and I have so much better results as surv and 80% of the games im top dps, even vs dk/ret/ferals. From what i see on forums people say Surv is dog right now and i dont really get why. Anyone else who tested beta has different opinion? What do you think? what are the minus and plus? im choosing gear that gives crit+multistrike atm as main and im using the posthaste, binding shot, spirit bond, thrill, crows, glaives and exotic with frost.

In Topic: Hunters in WoD

17 October 2014 - 05:41 AM

hunter buffs ! nerfs for all the others, time to faceroll some BM

Originally Posted by Celestalon (Blue Tracker)

Just to keep everyone updated, we're progressing on the first big round of balance tuning changes. Coming in the new couple days will be adjustments to Assassination, Subtlety, Fury, Protection Warrior, All Death Knights, All Monks, All Mages, All Hunters, Shadow, Protection Paladins, Retribution, Guardian, Feral, Affliction, Demonology. Lots of number changes. To set expectations, our general strategy will be to nerf the couple OP specs (Fire, Fury, Demon), and buff the others to be competitive. Slight correction to that: A few others are coming down a tiny bit too, but those changes were already announced in my beta forum post.

When re-balancing hunters could you maybe try to do it so the no.1 pet class actually does more damage with a pet than without?
That's actually one of the biggest changes coming for hunters; pets were significantly underperforming, especially non-BM. (Celestalon)

Am I to expect more hunter buffs soon considering what Celestalon said or is the hotfix today literally it?
Today's hotfixes to damage are not it. Much more coming soon (trying for tomorrow but that may be tight). (Source)