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In Topic: Versatility

14 March 2015 - 03:44 AM

View Postragexuv, on 13 March 2015 - 02:26 PM, said:

I find Inquisitor mandatory, we don't have anything except guise for cc avoidance. I'd go with inq/shadow magic/penance if I were you. I'm not sure about feather, the extra GCD provided by switching to phantasm could prove useful but I got used to playing with feather all the time.
Getting back to the point of this topic:
Mastery is cool but the amount of dispels in the game renders it semi-useful, imho. Run whatever you feel more comfortable with. I'm running haste at the moment as I found it to fit my priest play style better than anything else.

Huh, you just gave me the idea about inquisitor. You'd have to run a macro with cancel aura so the damage dealt breaks the CC I guess. Thanks for the tip.

And yeah, Haste is the one that gets most of my attention. The amounts of dispels  (i  think) will be reduced, but the mage will rise, which means spellsteal.. and I dont know if I want to give the priest those powerful shields.

In Topic: Versatility

12 March 2015 - 07:17 AM

This was a little debate that I was having and decided to come here to post (thanks OP for doing it first.)

I just got my priest to 100 and I'm not sure in which stat to prioritize.

*Mastery, which seems to be the default seems its pretty neat (Increased shields and heals), but is it really that good with all the dispels in the game?

*Haste , I've seen a few that are running haste, borrowed time 40% more haste from all sources, makes sense.

*Versatility, seems to be the less attractive choices for priest (for what I've seen, at least.) I come from the monk lands in which Versatility is the best stat in the game, enchants, lots of pieces, all include versa for priests this does not seem to be the case, since very few are enchanted with Versatilty and prefer mastery or haste.

- In regards to talents and glyphs I also have a few questions:

Is it worth to switch the Feather for Phantasm when it comes to rogues, for example?

Do you ever switch from Psychic scream to Void tendrils? Against warriors could be good.

Against mages do you  switch Infusion for twist of fates?

Is saving grace a must?


The MUST HAVE glyphs seem to be Shadow magic (Fade makes you inmune to interrupts) and Penance, when it comes to the third one against paladins and mages Glyph of Mass dispell seems to be the best, against TSG or Thug cleave, is it worth to get  Restored Faith? (Leap of faith brings you to the target.)

Glyphs that I have doubts when to use them, but seem very powerful:

-Reflective Shield (In 2's this must be the bomb.)
-Weakened Soul (Seems like a fine choice, but not sure where it would fit.)
-Inquisitor (Same as Weakened soul.)

I'll be probably be playing Cupid cleave (Ret+Hunter.)

Thanks for reading this, any answer would be appreciated.