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#2612343 [Blizzard] Ptr 4.0.1 up

Posted Kelarm on 13 September 2010 - 07:27 PM

Krebosh said:

Whats so bullshit about that statement? Makes perfect sense to me. Balancing stuff for lvl 80 gameplay, which might maybe last for 1month or so, would be incredibly stupid and time consuming.

Did you even read what he said or did you just jump on the blizz hate bandwagon right away because you saw a blue quote?

Did you play the game when wotlk was released?  It was EXACTLY the same thing, with EXACTLY the same excuse.  3.0 came out and the game was far more retarded than ever before, and everyone said wtf is this shit.  Blizzard says pretty much exactly what they've said this time.  We swallow it.  We hit 80 and the arena season starts, and the game is far more retarded than ever before.  Everyone says wtf is this shit.  Blizzard says resilience will fix it.  We swallow it.  We get more resilience and the game is still more retarded than ever before.

Make no mistake, "level 85 will fix it" and "resilience will fix it" should NOT be good enough for us this time.  But it will be, and s9 will probably be completely retarded.

#2597238 How to macro concussive shot with wingclip

Posted Mom on 09 September 2010 - 05:43 AM

nat said:

selling my stuff is bad bro ... :) - Copyrights by Nat

Wow don't sell stuff that's gay.

BTW PayPal me $10 and I'll tell you how to get 4 JC gems like me (check my armory) :)

Or just +REP me and I'll PM you how to do it.

#1904642 Vileroze's Mage Oriented UI

Posted Vilerose on 03 March 2010 - 03:27 AM

I am no longer updating this thread or Vileroze UI 1.0.
Vileroze UI 2.0 can be found here though: http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=192971

I get atleast 5 questions a day on my UI, so I've decided to create a reference for convenience.
Hopefully it will help everyone that comes to me with questions and those of you who didn't even know about it.

This UI is built for a DPS caster.
If you are a healer and wish to download this, I highly suggest modifying Pitbull's party frames to your liking.


Here's some general screenshots:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image


Here's my afflicted and lose control placement:
Posted Image

And here's how my debuff filter works:
Posted Image

This is the position of my DRTracker:
Posted Image

But this is how the DRTracker bars actually look:
("/drtracker test" shown above doesn't show the settings, just position; i only show incapacitate drs)
Posted Image

Oh and my resolution is 1440x900.


Mostly current download, as of patch 3.3.3: http://www.filefront...Uploaded UI.zip


ps: +rep if you use the UI :D

#1860179 Priest/DK LF help

Posted Drdeed on 19 February 2010 - 03:16 PM


thats my alt priest, we farm pretty much every priest rogue by just spamming coi on the rogue till i get away and abusing dalaran arena + deathgrip.  (we've made alot of priest rogues just leave mid game because they cant do shit on dalaran lol)

Once you've gotten away from the rogue get your dk to spam coi the priest while you mana burn. Pretty easy win imo ;p

Resto shaman / x teams for us can last upto 30mins, we get the win by just hard switching to the shaman when we have all cooldowns up (stranglate, shadowfiennd, pi, gargoyle etc)

Can't remember facing any druid/warlock teams but just play really lame untill you have all cooldowns up and zerg the druid.

You can't really die to anything with a dk spamming chains, most of our games last a long time because we play really lame till my shadowfriend is back off cd ;p