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#1926122 Remove ROV team names

Posted by Mightlol on 08 March 2010 - 07:55 PM

true that,i was just speculating into hunters+any nuke class(see destro+ele etc) like to have this map that might favor them against nearly every setup

yes probably.

i dont know because i dont want to try anything else than phdk. ( i played two weeks as dual healer warri though ).
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#1922140 [3v3] Confused about PHD

Posted by Mightlol on 07 March 2010 - 05:11 PM

atm most difficult comp for us are RLS, RPS (shadowpriest).

Spellcleaves are difficult too, though they're generally really bad so it allows us to beat them.

RLS, RPS, that kind of comp.. are sticking your deekay, it might be difficult, atm we're killing their rogue and cc priest / warlock ( frost trap, hoj ) & silence on shaman.

Dont forget to judge the warlock and / or to fear his felhunter to avoid a fast dispel on himself.

Edit : I forgot, dispelcleaves are really difficult to beat when they're kinda skilled / intelligently gemmed / geared..
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#1893966 Purified Lunar Dust vs Maghia's Misguided Quill

Posted by Mightlol on 28 February 2010 - 05:32 PM

hi, tbqh Purified Lunar Dust doesnt grant me that much mana regen, its about 1.2, 1.3 proc per minute, arenas are very often between two and five minute for me, 5 minutes = 6 procs -> 5400 mana, its okay but not as powered as Solace for a healer for example.
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#1870714 [Sacred Cleansing] A fairer idea

Posted by Mightlol on 22 February 2010 - 02:05 PM

Each time i see a mage casting a frostbolt on my hunter with Sacred Cleansing and then " Resist " , it makes me laugh, i dont know why.
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#1866127 [Sacred Cleansing] A fairer idea

Posted by Mightlol on 21 February 2010 - 02:42 AM

Hi, I was thinking of this talent that can really destroy a burst, but which depends so much of rng, i personnally hate things that depends of rng.. there is nothing to do to make it proc on next spell or smth like that, all you can do is keeping it up on your opponents' target..

I thought about changements they may do to this RNG talent, for example :

1) Make it a one point talent that would increase cleanse/purify( yes, i use it..) by making them dispelling two magics/poison/disease effect.

2) Make it a low cd - sth like 20/30 sec- that would work as a buff, which would protect the target you put it on to be dispelled ( I think shammys/priest that spam their offensive dispel is just our greatest weakness, though, pallies dont really need to be buffed, i know.. would it be a buff ? im not sure).

Thoughts / flames ?

Better ideas ?

PS : sorry for bad english, it's only my second language.
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#1860166 Are we pushing for the right buffs?

Posted by Mightlol on 19 February 2010 - 03:08 PM

There are some really interesting ideas here, seeing 3.1 SS come back would be fair imo..

Though, im almost sure they just wont do it.

Why ? They " worked " a few months to create PvE gear appropriated with 3.3 SS ( arp on t10, shadowmourne, DBW..), I would really be surprised to see them admit that they made a huge mistake with 3.3 SS.

Ive been playing WoW since ~ five years, and ive never seen them admit they made a mistake.. except with E-sport arenas.
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#1853823 How are you guys doing as PHDk?

Posted by Mightlol on 17 February 2010 - 09:07 PM

btw are you streaming right now as phdk Lyricalz ?

I'd like to see another GEORGE MICHAEL CLEAVE to get some strats §

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#1853479 How are you guys doing as PHDk?

Posted by Mightlol on 17 February 2010 - 07:31 PM

oh noes someone deleted my red bubble
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#1847612 How are you guys doing as PHDk?

Posted by Mightlol on 16 February 2010 - 02:59 AM

Hi Granter, against Priest Ret Hunt, we focused really often Retpally when my hunter was playing as Survival.

Since my two new hunters play as MM, we really like to focus on the Hunter, exceptly if Retpally comes stupidly around a pillar, if he doesnt have his freedom anymore, tell your pally to stun him, hell be forced to trinket - or to bubble.

I really doubt that a lot of retpally will waste much gcd to dispel your Serpent Sting on their Hunter. Tell your pally to keep you ( they wont focus on dk, imo ) cleaned from Serpent Sting and to try to keep Sacred Cleansing up on you, it may avoid some HoJ / Judgement / Serpent Sting - even Chimera Shot I think.

I think youre asking about an Elemental Shaman for your second question.. as Ele, its a really difficult fight.. id recommend you to focus on Hunter and tell your dk to kick as much LvB from Ele as he can. Focusing an Elemental shaman isnt a really viable strat imo.

If youre asking about Enhancement / BM / Holy, id recommend you to focus on hunter and to try to kill his pet twice. Its also possible to focus on Enhancement and to kill his wolves ( i played as dispelcleave in s7 and our warrior killed them with BS, reducing a lot their burst ).

PS : Against dispelcleave, if its possible to catch their pally in bad position, you can also focus him a few second, to force the priest to heal - his heal are much expensive than pally one -, he will waste a lot of mana after penance, as soon as their priest is oom, the game is won.
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#1792296 [3v3] Glyphs of FoL or Turn evil ?

Posted by Mightlol on 01 February 2010 - 04:28 AM

so you'r losing to TSG cause you don't have salv glyphed? :rolleyes:

No, but it helps surviving.

Just do a macro /cast [target=player] Hand of Salvation to avoid loosing time to target yourself.
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#1773416 sacred shield dispel in live games

Posted by Mightlol on 27 January 2010 - 10:23 AM

personally, i would purge sacred shield only during hex/blind and assist your dps.

I mean, sacred shield is spammable, if the paladin is good, he will refresh it. With Envenom spec, there is no way for your rogue to stop instantly all damages.

PS : Against holy, pay attention to purge his mate and him at last, i mean, a lot of pallies dont really care of their buff and will use Divine plea without anything else, so it wont probably be a problem to get a dispel on Plea.

PS II : As pally, this is really annoying to refresh our buff, especially Righteous Fury (that cost so much mana, thats why i dont do it ).
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#1750449 Purge

Posted by Mightlol on 21 January 2010 - 08:57 PM

i dont mean healers should be kings ( nothing can annoys us ), im only saying that purge spamming is just retarded and works too good for my taste.

" im only in my team to nuke you, my beastmastery hunter - and my wolves - will kill you ofc . "
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#1657850 After watching some high rated bc vids

Posted by Mightlol on 30 December 2009 - 02:58 AM

Because getting ranks in Vanilla meant you were skilled right(lol) you just had to play alot

Didntsay my old rank make me a skilled one.

I knowa lot of high ranked that are backpedalling all the time in arena/raids. I know high ranked ppl were not all skilled.

I said that because ppl have a very bad idea of s5 pally glad, yes i was glad as dk/pally ( i would like to never have had this glad, yes, because it didnt take any skill, i didnt even learn something about placement, but we were 5th and 2nd dk/pally set-up on my bg, so i think some dk/pally were a lot worse than us !)

PS : to the pally that get s5 gladiator without being stuffed, it was my case too, when we grow up at 2420 rating (bg's 2nd ), we were 4/5 hateful geared, i think this season was a big mistake, a giant failure.

But i have to say that a lot of pallies from my server that rolled a ®druid during s2 got s3/4 gladiator without anyproblems, a lot were gladiator with just vengeful shoulder and 4/5 s1 gear.

excuse me for the wall of text,

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#1647326 After watching some high rated bc vids

Posted by Mightlol on 27 December 2009 - 12:30 AM

As healer, i can say that in TBC, we could make a lot more of mistakes without grave consequence. In addition, my Holy (Paladin) spec was not very viable if you were not with a warrior.

I didnt like to play with warriors, it depended a lot of rng " lul, i get mace proc, be ready to stun just after, we might down this f**k**g druid !".

I played with a warlock, each time we saw druid/warrior or druid/warlock we can almost leave da game, it was already lose.

In WOTLK, with that burst, one mistake often makes you lose a game. This is a lot more stressful, especially in 3s.

I liked alot more 2s in LK with my warlock ( the same than in tbc ), except in s5 ( played a dk / pal comp), but i think this season was THE big mistake of WOTLK. Even if this season was the only that makes me get Gladiator title.

I think arenas are " more skilled " in WOTLK than in TBC, the only thing that i would like to see back is mage/rogue viable in 2s, WOTLK's burst makes this comp very easy for numberous set-ups.
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#1638865 Elemental..

Posted by Mightlol on 24 December 2009 - 02:04 AM

10k crit on 1k resil, is bullshit.

Ye elemental shammy b4 3.3 hit me for 10k5 ( thx 4/5 t9), it was fixed.

To Blowi : Thank you a lot.
So, we should try to focus da shaman ? we thought that our only chance to beat'em was to force priest to use pain sup on mage and then switch da priest..

PS : With new dk's scourge strike, he dont do so much damage on elemental shammy ( ~~ same armor than retpally... and we faced rdruid/retrib/war as PHD, our hunter and their warri died, we won against ret/druid as hpal/dk but he says me that he hit pally for 800 uncrit with SS, 1600 crit..)

I'm not sure our dps will do some pressure... especially with a MMR hunter ( puri totem destroys his dps too..)
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