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#2407508 which 31pt talent tree is most miserable :?

Posted by Mightlol on 15 July 2010 - 01:36 PM

affliction warlock

mm hunter

arms warrior

+ lack of improved holy light & divine sac ofc :(
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#2365200 Best 5v5 combo with a dk?

Posted by Mightlol on 04 July 2010 - 03:54 AM

imo PHD + disc/ele
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#2348934 [Paladin] New to holy paladin

Posted by Mightlol on 30 June 2010 - 12:18 AM

3) When getting trained, what is there to even do? With a caster its just pillar hump field day, but what about melee dps? I find myself just a) keeping holy shock on CD B) spamming cleanse. When my health gets low then I'll cast/fake cast flash of light but other than that I'm not doing very much

Mister druid above me answered very well to your questions, though I'd just like to say that you should not be afraid of using freedom for you when you're focused by a melee dps, refresh kings and swap between seals - light +5% healing and wisdom to get mana on auto hits -, then auto attack + JoW on the melee dps, then take a look at your manabar. Yeah, its amazing.

Oh and, don't forget to avoid showing your back too much, as you're wearing a shield you can block ( + ofc parry & dodge ) melee attacks
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#2348840 [Paladin/Warlock] Trouble with Mage / Disc Priest

Posted by Mightlol on 29 June 2010 - 11:51 PM

you counter this team 100%

Lol wtf about that, they can either burn or kill the paladin.. i can imagine its not an easy comp though i dont think anything else than warlock/druid is actually " countering " mage/priest.

Then we've faced a few mage/priest when we were #1 in 2s with Mélaulex ( he seems to know your warlock ), basically I know they were gonna burn me and try to kill me, i constantly swapped between Seal of Light ( +5% healing ) and Seal of Wisdom ( when he pops his elemental ) to get some mana through auto attacks.

Then I had to lame as much as I could, dispelling my warlock ( when I had free gcd, I even dispelled WinterChill's stacks, either on me or on my warlock ). Your warlock should be able to be very annoying for their priest and a mage alone shouldnt be a problem for you.

PS : A general tips against mage teams : They use to cast Deep Freeze and to use their Counterspell right after, to counter it, spam Aura Mastery when you're deep frozen, most of mages will likely use their cs stupidly as you'll be immune.
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#2326155 Chestplate of unspoken truths?

Posted by Mightlol on 23 June 2010 - 10:56 PM

haste > all!

This guy is right.
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#2287006 UA and you

Posted by Mightlol on 13 June 2010 - 11:40 PM

wtf your team has a hunter on it how can it possibly lose to a mage team

lol retard
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#2285844 LSD - why all the QQ?

Posted by Mightlol on 13 June 2010 - 06:17 PM

why wasnt i surprised at all when i saw you running a new shaman fotm comp? GL on glad this season bro, hope you can get it after what, 2 seasons of fotm running?

he reminds me when i got s5 glad i thought my class wasnt op, then we get nerfed and i saw how overpowered paladin class was in that season.

hes gonna see how overpowered (ele?) shamans currently are when they'll get nerfed ( i thought it was coming with cataclysm... though.. lava surge..)
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#2282126 Gemming for TSG?

Posted by Mightlol on 12 June 2010 - 07:13 PM

I'd go with int just so you can get spam Holy Lights into your team so they can just kill something. But I wouldn't neglect haste as you may need to spam dispell on your warrior or DK :).


you CANT spam holy light unless you're running any kind of spellcleave as pally, its just impossible.

There are too much spellcleaves - it means too much CS / ranged CC - to be able to spam your holy light from 40 yard. Or these spellcleaves are REALLY bad
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#2162815 How to fix wow

Posted by Mightlol on 07 May 2010 - 09:44 PM

haste and arp. yupyup. boy do i love u

i think ppl are overestimating armor penetration... why would warriors be the only class which makes amazing amount of damage on cloth and shitty damages on plate ?
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#2048567 Paladins /yawn?

Posted by Mightlol on 07 April 2010 - 11:19 PM

for example ?

rls and HEROIC RLS is never easy
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#1993299 I would be a happy shaman if...

Posted by Mightlol on 25 March 2010 - 01:58 AM

I'd be happy paladin if shaman doesnt have a purge
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#1979588 SICK of Spellcleaves...

Posted by Mightlol on 22 March 2010 - 02:58 AM

actually the game looks better than it has ever been before.

There is no class that is completly about the others, and, due to metagame, it means that all classes have their chance in arena.

I find it intresting, though i know mages/rogue/priest would like a hunter's nerf, and hunters would like spellcleave nerf, and so on, everyone wants a nerf of the class' which counter his.

Mages should remember that if hunters are that strong atm, its - at least a bit - their fault, they completly destroyed melee in season 6, then hunters became much more viable - its the class which counter the most mages -, then ele shaman, destruction warlock.. became more viable because they can kill a hunter so fast.

Recently, UA warlocks and Spriests became much more viable, actually they're fine imo, BUT Bloodlust increases too much their dps, it makes their dmg pretty unhealable unless they're completly dumb and forgot to cc healer and force their target to stay in los. ( most of time, they're dumb, though any " good " spellcleave is a terrible counter to anything ).
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#1979152 SICK of Spellcleaves...

Posted by Mightlol on 22 March 2010 - 12:08 AM

mmh personnally it depends of which spellcleave it is, though :

1) Your dk must understand he isnt an arms warrior, he's a dk (*).
2) Weakest targets for PHDk : Spriest > Frost Mage > UA lock > Ele S (**).
3) Your pally has to avoid as much cc as he can. He should try to keep both S.C. and S.S. on their focus - probably you. It's quite impossible to avoid all cc, though. You gotta help him against certain cc - poly, hex - when he asks you to.

* = An arms warrior is most of time a tunneling class due to its crazy damages, most of them dont even know how to pummel... your dk shouldnt fear to be on another target than you, for example on RLS, our strat is :

Dk > interrupt warlock, preventing too much damage, kitting rogue.

Hunter > Killing rogue, + cc on shaman ( Turn Evil Felhunter ).

Paladin > Freedom DK, Cleanse - or Purify if there is a Unstable Affliction - him, stunning shaman after trap but more probably hoj on rogue during Evade, preventing him to dodge Aimed Shot.

It isnt that difficult if they focus you, because you're gonna kite rogue quite easily.

** = Frost Mages are probably taking more damages than others, though they have much more cd to temporize ( does this word exist in english ?) !

Spriest are really a good target, because they dont have real cd to survive a PHDk but a 6 sec Dispersion.

UA warlock are also easily killable, though i have to say, they wont die that fast, because of Soul Link. You gotta kill twice his pet to kill him, thats why they arent that weak, i mean, before his pet dies, his healer wont really have problems to keep him alive.

> Your dk should always stay on the warlock, even when your hunter is killing pet, because if the warlock can cast what he wants, his damages are gonna be unhealable.

Ele shamans are quite good targets, though atm they are a bit annoying, mainly because of their totem which automatically dispels poison / disease, im sure they will be one of the weakest target after 3.3.3

> Against Ele/Frost/Random healer, NEVER leave their ele alone, your dk should always interrupt him. If you leave any Ele S alone, he's gonna destroy you pretty fast.

Both Rogue and Feral Druids are good targets too, but Rogues are sometimes a bit annoying to kill, mainly because they can dodge some Aimed Shot during Evade, thats why i wouldnt recommend to kill him unless your opponnent team =:rogue::shaman::warlock:.

Both Feral Druids and Rogue also have a +20% healing received, making them more resistant... they are good targets, but their healer is gonna have less problem to keep them alive than a mage for example. Also remember that focusing a feral druid may force him to morph as Bear, preventing him from doing too much dmg..

> Though, I agree, it's not rare to see Feral Druids staying as cat when focused these day, mainly because armor is a ridiculous stat - i got killed in 7,2 sec this afternoon against :priest::rogue::druid:, even though my armor " should " protect me from melee dmg :mad:

PS : Against team like Protibution / Hunter / Rshaman or very offensive Mage/Feral/Priest, you gotta kill their healer, because they can kill anyone rly fast, and they both have powerful cc's, so if the game is too long, your pally is probably gonna take a cc, and they'll surely score a kill.
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#1958339 [3v3] Ele/War/Hpala, PoV as ele - Clips

Posted by Mightlol on 16 March 2010 - 02:29 PM

You're not really making much sense, I don't understand: Do you have a shaman, Might or are you just posting 24/7 in threads about how shamans current state in the game is or something?

You said earlier you had hate for the class, and I've not seen you post anything constructive or useful for these forums yet, I might be wrong and then I apologize else it's just getting boring :)

im just getting bored with all those bloodlust hero that DNAW, that's all.

yes i have a shaman but its a secret.
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#1929035 LF Reasons to NOT Reroll a Druid.

Posted by Mightlol on 09 March 2010 - 12:37 PM

because ele is easier to level and much stronger.
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