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Why the prot hate?

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#141 Rumble

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Posted 25 August 2009 - 09:56 AM

Lot of people in this thread seriously overestimating AS and fol. Seriously the fol hot double dips from MS, not to mention MS+plea. I saw some guy mentioning 10k+ fol trough MS? Talking about numbers out of your ass. Then, 6-7k shields? Right. Maybe in a BG against a no resi alt with wings and zerker up :confused:

I'm not defending the spec, I just jumped on the bandwagon because prot/holy beats the living crap out of deep holy in terms of control alone. One of the things I miss as deep holy is just that, control. On demand CC (regardless of with cast or w/o) is something paladins have been asking for since god knows how long. Imo, deep holy is so shittttttt its incredible. Endtalent dispelled in a heartbeat, no CC, no utility whatsoever. But yay, you have an instant heal. "Awesome".

TLDR; give holy something good (cc,non-niche utility,...) and put prot where its supposed to be (a tanking spec). In the end, you can stop crying, like said before prot/holy is dead next patch anyway.

how can a 5 sec stun together with a silence both on ridicolous low cds, from range and instant from a healing class not be overpowered as shit?

cyclone - no cd, ranged
ps - 30s cd (same as AS), MC no cd
wind shear - 6s cd, ranged

Yeah theyre not all instant, noone ever said that 20s HoJ was balanced either.
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#142 Coincidental

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Posted 25 August 2009 - 10:57 AM

Druids > Paladins.

Hai, I play with a Shadow Priest and a Rogue, thats cool right?
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#143 Flithbrin

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Posted 25 August 2009 - 10:22 PM

Have you ever tried swapping cyclones on target with low hp and their healer? you'll be amazed at what it'll do.

Just wanna point it out, it shocks me that somehow you managed to get to 2600 without knowing how cyclone works

he plays a warrior dude, he doesn't have to utilize, or even understand CC, all he has to do his hit people with his weapon and they'll die eventually
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