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Season 3 Title Calculator, Updated Strats, Quick Armory

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 08:19 PM

S3 Title Calculator

We have reset the title calculator database so that we can start finding the lowest teams again to try to estimate cutoffs. After comparing last seasons estimates to the hall of fame, we found that there were less inactive teams than expected for 5v5 and more inactive teams than expected for 2v2. It appears that 45% seems to be a fairly accurate estimate for all brackets.

This is the number we will be using for now, but expect things to change as we get more information about how they will calculate titles for this season. Ideally, they will also start marking teams as inactive again and then we will not not to estimate at all. In the meantime, it still seems worth creating the table again so that we don't end up completely in the dark at the end of the season.

If you know of any extremely low rated teams, please update the list at http://www.arenajunk...com/calculator/

New Strategies

We have added quite a few new strategies to the list. Thank you everyone who has been putting these together as we know it is a lot of hard work. Feel free to check out the new ones,


As a thank you to all our contributors (strategy, macros, and talents), we will be putting together a special display for your postbit and profile. In addition, we will be reworking the content pages to give more information about the contributor in a more prominent place. Again, thanks a lot :)

Quick Armory

Just a minor update here. The code we use to make sure armory lookups do not fail has been added here as well. This should make using the quick armory much more reliable. In case you haven't seen it:
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