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BlizzCon Giveaway: Design an Arena

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#61 Thalanos

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 03:26 AM

Icecrown Wastes
Setting- Icecrown, icey,cold

Posted Image

Posted Image

The first image is a top down view of the arena.
A few notes on the first image:
-the walkways right outside of each ready room is much like the ramps in BEM but much steeper and longer
-there area under the walkway is walled except the cubbies that are represented by the dotted lines and which contain the shadowsight
-the pillar in the middle has ramps going up to it from the top and the bottom (relative to viewer) and the ramps go up to either the left or ride side of the pillar

A few notes on the second image:
-the ready room actually has an incline; much like the ready room of Ruins to provide another drinking spot and LoS
-the pillar in the middle is only HALF done; I could not for the life of me draw up the other half from this perspective; paint can only do so much
-the darker circular part of the pillar is the top which can be climbed to via the ramps
-the dark triangular part is the side of the pillar cannot be walked on (too steep)
-the lighter gray parts are the ramps

SOOOOOOOOoooooo, what makes this arena worth me going to Blizzcon is basically the middle pillar. What this is supposed to do is allow multiple ways of kiting via only one solid object. With this design players can kite around the entirety of the pillar on the ground, up and down the ramps (because the side of the cylinder will provide some LoS between right and left sides of the ramps) and using the top of the pillar and jumping off different sides. What's special (in my opinion) is that regardless of which way a player is being kited there are always small windows of opportunities in which LoS is offered so that a move can be made.
-Example: a player is being kited on the ground floor because he is a DK and the opposing player needs lots of room to get our of desecration, when the kiting player reaches the base of the ramp he would need to either make a large turn around it or make a small jump and cut across. Either way there is a short period of time when nothing is blocking LoS to him until he reaches the other side of the pillar.

Ok I feel as if I have written enough. Please comment and ask questions because I am sure it's slightly confusing.
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#62 shrimps

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 07:42 AM

HELLO EVERYBODY! I have a super good idea for arena but i cant draw, please vote on it for the idea, the justice, the thought that maybe just maybe you can fight on a large, soft animal, thats endangered too!


Posted Image

You start off on either side of the panda (Fworge is its name), and quickly try to dominate the center of its soft tummy. every once and a while (YOU'LL KNOW WHEN because his arms will star wavin' n wigglin' and just really going wild) and before you know it he will toss and turn violently in his snooze, and the player is forced to 'log roll' to stay on top of the beast. The player or team that cannot keep up is crushed under the panda for a short time. You must then quickly climb again and mount the panda, because you cannot attack unless you're on its fur. did i mention i want to go to blizzcon? and that this would rule? BECAUSE IT WOULD!

ps: you can los with its tail, sometimes
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#63 Underdogsix

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 08:27 AM

What this is supposed to do is allow multiple ways of kiting via only one solid object. With this design players can kite around the entirety of the pillar on the ground, up and down the ramps (because the side of the cylinder will provide some LoS between right and left sides of the ramps) and using the top of the pillar and jumping off different sides. What's special (in my opinion) is that regardless of which way a player is being kited there are always small windows of opportunities in which LoS is offered so that a move can be made.

Ruins of Lordaeron, what what?
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Way too complicated for the Hunter community to handle.

#64 ragzdog

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 02:44 PM

haha there is some hilarious stuff in here
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Posted Image

#65 Rapture

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 03:07 PM

Just a reminder: Today is the last day for submissions - so get em in!
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#66 Missekatten

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Posted 05 June 2009 - 03:27 PM

Posted Image

Ok so basicly grey = pillars red = fire that shoots between the pillars randomly (does 5000 dmg and a 500dps dot

Right side: Big Powerrangerboss with adds, maschineguns, melee etc. Attacks random team and kills it (Helps getting more PvE aspects into arena and lets PvP players enjoy these aswell)

red circles = starting areas

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#67 entrails

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 01:36 AM

Top Down
Posted Image
By entrails_swagger

3D Representation Of 3rd Floor.
Posted Image
By entrails_swagger

(Use links to zoom in)

If you haven't figured it out yet, the arena is an adaptation of the Warsong Gulch base/flag room. Instead of having the flag on one side and all the features of the base on the other, the flag side has been replaced with a mirror image of what would normally be the entrance to a WSG base. Only what's included in the images is accessible.

This map is completely different from any of Blizzard's previous arenas, both in size and diversity of terrain. The sheer number of options you have should provide unparalleled room for innovation and improvisation.

Teams start behind a gate in one of the two tunnel entrances. When the gates open they can either go up a small ramp into the first floor (flag room) and engage immediately, or take the side exit onto the outdoor ramp and meet on the top level. Because of the size of the map there are four shadow sight spawns, two at the top of the ramp to the 3rd floor, and two in the small rooms on the first floor.

I expect the ramp to the third floor to be the most popular route out of the gate, so the bridge connecting the two halves of the top level seemed like an obvious addition. Otherwise teams would rush to the top and find themselves in a very awkward position, staring at each other across an uncrossable gap.

From there the small boxes at each end of the bridge seemed like a necessity. The double L shape of the path from one large box to the other creates a long travel time between the two points. Without any sort of LOS between them the team crossing the bridge would be totally exposed for a long period of time, putting them at a major disadvantage and encouraging camping.

The little rocks on the ramp from first floor to third floor are large enough to be LOS obstacles. I put them there because the ramp is also very exposed, and the U shape again creates a long travel distance. I'm not sure the rocks will be enough however, which brings me to my first of two additional tweaks might improve the arena.

The first is a U shaped staircase from the 2nd floor (near the top of the ramp from 1st to 2nd) which would lead to the 3rd floor, exiting in the corner behind the large LOS boxes. I'm just not entirely happy with there only being 1 (mirrored)entrance to the top floor. If, for instance, a team with a hunter happened to get to the top floor first for some reason, attacking them up the large outdoor ramp would be very difficult. The tight staircase would provide a safer alternative route. Otherwise games might devolve into stalemates, where one team refuses to leave the top, and the other has no viable way of getting to them from the bottom.

I'm pretty convinced the staircase is a good addition to the map, I just happened to think of it late into the process. The second potential tweak I'm a little less sold on. The idea is for a balcony accessible from the 2nd floor (at the top of the ramp from 1st to 2nd) that hangs over the first floor entrance to the outdoor ramp. Without the added staircase or balcony the 2nd floor just feels like a bit of a dead end, and too linear. The balcony just opens up options when running up the ramp to 2nd floor, since you'd be able to jump down and either go into the 1st floor tunnel or run up the ramp to 3rd floor. It might also be possible to jump from the top of the ramp leading to the 3rd floor onto the balcony and enter the 2nd floor that way.

A final potential addition, which certainly has it's advantages and disadvantages, is the idea of including WSG power-ups. It's a gimmick, and we all know how fond blizzard is of their gimmicks, but in this case I think it may actually be a good idea. With such a large map power-ups would help promote movement throughout the map, increasing the number of locations engagements are likely to happen. They would spawn on a timer, probably spawning 1 minute after the gates open, with a 2 minute respawn timer. Locations are debatable, but I would probably set it up something like this:

-Two of the green health/mana buffs on the first floor in the small rooms (where shadow sight is now), encouraging healers to go down to get a quick mana boost, and it would also allow people who jumped from the 3rd floor to heal fall damage.
-Two red damage buffs on the 2nd floor in opposite corners of the map (bottom left/top right) near the ramp from 1st to 2nd floor. The separation is to prevent one team from easily getting both zerker buffs.
-One sprint buff in the middle of the bridge, possibly spawning a little later into the game. The idea is to make crossing the bridge easier if both teams are camping on their side.

Of course the power-ups don't have to be as strong as they are in BGs, they could be 50% mana/health, 10%/5% damage, shorter sprint. Some people will probably hate the idea of power-ups regardless, and I'm not 100% sure about it myself, but I'm definitely leaning toward it being a good idea.

Thanks for reading.
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#68 Eyeshield

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 02:22 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image

This Arena is called : Marine De Le Visioni
I drew and outlined this arena myself. It consists of and underwater base leaking with water surrounding a piece of land which is the center.It is bigger than it actually looks because the image you are seeing is symettrical to the other side of it. Water acts the same as it would in the game.The small barriers have a ramp which to walk up to the top. However The walls and the small barriers can provide LoS as well. The middle has a special function, if you walk near the X it places you in an immobable CC, where heals cannot reach you and neither can dps. It can be used advantageously or as a defense/offensive move. Other than that, not very caster friendly arena but leaves alot of improvision on the part of the players.
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#69 Rapture

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 12:15 PM

Some really impressive designs up. We will compile these and begin polls at the beginning of next week.

Great job everyone and good luck!
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