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Would you spec shadowstep if it didn't require stealth?

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#1 Lure

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Posted 16 September 2007 - 05:35 AM

No stealth required, still costs energy. Of course they'd have to tweak it. Probably need to increase the cooldown to 30 seconds but perhaps with talents it could be reduced vis-a-vis warrior's intercept. Might have to reduce the damage a bit or increase the energy, one or the other.

Imagine never being kited like a little bitch again :o I know I'd do it just to lol-step behind casters right before their cast finishes. :twisted:
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#2 Teirisias

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Posted 16 September 2007 - 07:32 AM

If anything, shadowstep needs a 1 second immobilize similar to intercept stun. (Doesn't need to be a stun, just needs to immobilize them for a very short duration to combat latency). If shadowstep was usable out of stealth, either the cooldown would need to be increased, the energy cost would need to be increased, or the damage bonus would need to be removed. Possibly any combination of those 3.

Shadowstep as is seems mostly like a ganking build, however, it could easily be a strong dagger dueling build if shadowstep was tweaked a bit. As for arenas, I doubt it can be viable at level 70 in any way, shape, or form due to the lack of sustained dps and poor combo point generation after the initial burst. Perhaps with WotLK, though, and its 10 extra talent points and possibly a strong 51 point subtlety talent we may see increased use for shadowstep. Though, 51 point talents aside, it looks as if mutilate will be king in the expansion with either 41/25/5, 41/3/27, or 41/0/30 as the premiere builds. I can only imagine mutilate with master of subtlety, prep, and dirty deeds... I'm definitely looking forward to some of the new talent builds possible.

As for shadowstep, though, I doubt it will see much action without a serious overhaul or an insane 51 point talent in WotLK. I'd love it to be made viable, though, as it's definitely a tremendously fun spec.
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