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3drake guild seeks highly skilled players for ulduar

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#1 warmachine1

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Posted 08 February 2009 - 04:26 PM

What we look for in our recruits:
1. MIN/maxers, always be trying to push yourself and your class as much as you can.
2. as near to 100% attendance as you can do, we dont want casuals.
3. Stability, i dont want to have to recruit another person of your class b/c you're getting a new job you didnt tell me about 3 weeks later.
4. Good competative attitude, you will never be the best if you dont compete with the best.
5. gotta have a sense of humor,
6. and finally, YOU GOTTA BE ONE SKILLED MF'er, we dont want to teach you how to raid.

Raid times:
sunday - thursday 9 - 2am PST TIMEZONE
or 11-4am cst (server)

About us:
3 drakes clear, we are currently farming content waiting for ULDUAR to go up on the ptr.

We are a group of high skilled players looking to be one of the top guilds in the us in the future. We are only looking for the best to join us. We MIN/MAX as much as possable, and expect nothing less in our recruits. We are also a guild full of mostly glads and duelists, so we are skilled in both aspects of the game, we are highly competative, always pushing one another to be better. we expect to always be on the cutting edge of content, clearing things as quickly as we can for those top 100 us rankings :)

Recruiting needs:

DK- 1 tank 1 Dps ( having gear for each spec is a plus)
Shaman- 1 resto 1 ele
rogue- 1 ( must be geared to the teeth )
mage- 1
warlock- 1
hunter- 1
druid - 1 resto 1 feral(dps)

Contact info:
msg me in game
msg me on aim- finaleeb
or post an app. www.wdlye.com

PS- NO CASUALS, only very highly skilled players.
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#2 Kluian

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Posted 08 February 2009 - 10:54 PM

You raid 5 hours a night 5 times a week and haven't cleared OS10 3 drakes? And you're looking for incredible players? Holy shit who do you think you're joking here?
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