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2v2 Image/Alock

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#1 Sizzsgirl

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 04:59 PM

Hi all again. Love this forum already!

I recently asked about my 2v2 and how far and high we could climb with Me as 43/7/11 UA lock in decent gear with a well geared BM Hunter and got great feedback. Also was advised that I could do much better (without having a healer) with an Ice mage or Spriest.

Iam now with an Ice/Arcane mage I think he's 40 ice/ 20 arcane not sure and me UA lock .
How well can this work and what should we work on together as in strats for coming up against 2 dpsers or healer / dpser and also paladin/ dpser/or tank/ rogue. What is the keys to having my combo and also the downfalls?

Thanks all and much love!
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#2 Chasanak

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 05:17 PM

he's probably 17/0/44. I ran this set up a couple times with chadwicked in forgotten heroes and the biggest thing to learn is CC since each of you have a major form of it. you have to keep the fight 2v1 by cycling fear and sheep diminishing returns. Once you start feeling that you both know most strats rushing on your mounts makes a huge difference in your favor. I'd say the generalization for most make ups would be dps/priest or shaman sheep/fear the healer and kill the dps and for dps/pally or druid kill the healer and cc the dps. For double DPS teams avoid trying to burn locks lol
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#3 justin_12

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 05:20 PM

I am not sure what you can do on your end, as I have not extensively played a warlock, but I do recommend that your frost mage buddy specs for the Water Elemental over PoM. The Water elemental lasts for 45 seconds and has plenty of utility in a ranged nova and decent pet dps. Perhaps he should consider a 17/0/44 build, as improved counterspell really makes a difference in 2s and 3s. In my 2v2 I roll with a warlock and he's Demonology specced. The problem with your UA build in a 2s match is, if they go for you first, and your ice mage cannot heal you, you are going to need to be able to withstand a beating but won't be able to. If you were teamed up with a healer I'd say your UA build is very solid.

You can see my build in my armory link by clicking my name (which I will be revising soon).

You can see my Warlock 2s partners' armory here:
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