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3 Drakes Down...#1 Guild on Server...LFM for Ulduar

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Posted 23 January 2009 - 05:35 PM

<Recruit Off Server> is a PvE guild located on Norgannon (EST). Our core group of raiders have both experience in Sunwell (TBC) and Naxx (40-man). We have cleared all WOTLK content in just under 3 days. We seek a few more to continue our voyage into WotLK content.

Who We Are:
We are a group of mainly 20+ year old members. Most of us have been playing the game since release while a few of us either re-rolled in TBC or WotLK. We have established ourselves as a top guild on our server. We are dedicated players interested in downing bosses quick. We are currently #1 on our server and intend to keep it that way.


http://www.wowarmory... Off Server&p=1

Who You Are:
You are a dedicated player with an enjoyable attitude and the ability to maximize your role as DPS, Tanking, or Healing. You understand the importance of getting exalted with the Sons of Hodir. You understand the importance of using consumables.

Current Progression:

25 man Obsidian Sanctum - Deaded
25 man Naxxramas - Deaded
25 man Malygos - Deaded

Recruitment needs:

Druids (Restoration, Balance)
Priests (Shadow, Holy)
Paladins (Holy)

All other classes feel free to apply if you are a god of your class.

Raiding Schedule:

Monday - N/A
Tuesday - 9PM - 1AM EST
Wednesday - 9PM - 1AM EST
Thursday - 9PM - 1AM EST
Friday - N/A
Saturday - N/A
Sunday - 9PM - 1AM EST

All raiders are required to gem and enchant thier own gear. Consumables are required for all content, even content on farm. We currently use a EPGP system for loot distribution.

All raiders are required to maintain 75% raiding attendance (3 of the 4 nights).

Please contact any of our officers (Karthas, Greatwall, Danukas, Battlekattle) in game for more information.

Apply online at http://www.recruitoffserver.com/.

*Updated for Classes 1-16-2009*
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