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[Blizzard] Arena Damage - Blizzard Feedback

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#261 Triumvirate

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Posted 04 February 2009 - 06:04 PM

druids, i love how ferals are huge damage, completely unkitable and have that fear thingy, just stupid, with a huge damage mitigation form should they ever want it. healers are ok. maybe share DR's with cyclone and roots.

Rogues have too much cc/control. I think they're damage isn't over the top, but their poisons/stuns/dismantle are a little over the top atm.

Mages do too much damage. Period. Also, impact should be fire spell only. poly and nova need shared dr's, and ice block should be brought back into frost spec only.

Dk's got a much needed nerf, I tend to think they'd be fine as long as paladin healing got nerfed (which is what makes them so good). maybe lower base damage of strikes and make them scale better with diseases on target, with top end being about the same as it is now. makes disease removal mean something, and would probably lower dk damage overall. I'd also like to see AMS remove snare effects (not dmg) to help with mobility and reduce reliance on pallies. Could lower duration + cooldown then. Might want to nerf DRW, it does three times the damage gargoyle does now.

Pallies heal too well on the move. They have too much utility (FREEDOM LOL) and live too easily. Ret is loltastic.

Hunters.... perma traps are gay. so is perma MS. And they need to get rid of RNG stun.

shaman, are for the most part ok i think, assuming this other stuff happens.

Priest are the same, i think they'd be ok if damage was dropped.

Locks are ok. Just ok. They get gibbed early easily, but should a game drag out, they are pretty damn good. maybe give them a PBAOE cower effect to help them out with melee (similar to how a nova would work), just share the dr with fear.

warriors.... are stupid damage. seriously, is MS needed? Let's just lower all those effects to about 20%, let healers play the game again.
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#262 Crun

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Posted 04 February 2009 - 09:08 PM

healers are doing more than fine.
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