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[Priest] WotLK Disc Priest Build

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#1 Draghinazza


Posted 15 November 2008 - 06:14 AM

Hum... I didn't see any spec for Disc Priests in this site(LK builds), and it helped pretty much for me before 3.02, so i decided to put my LK Disc Priest Build here, to see if I can help someone, and you can tell me my build is good enough.

This build focus only on healing and survival, for big heals in a short period of time by cheap mana costs.


Discipline Tree

Unbreakable Will: Nothing special to say about here, it's a must for any build that uses Disc Tree, since almost all classes has some kind of Crowd Control.

Twin Disciplines: A must AVOID. Some Priests thinks that it is a good talent, but isn't, only for those ones who uses a "instant spell build", but i think that isn't possible, maybe for shadow/disc builds.

Silent Resolve: Some people thinks that is not a PvP talent, since it reduces Threat, but the real thing about it is the dispel resistance. It's really a pain in the ass have your Pain Suppression being dispelled by some Shammy spamming Purge or other Priest.

Improved Inner Fire: This really isn't something that worht it, you have other better talents to spent your points and this add only a insignificant amount of armor to you, this talent won't free you from Clother's Squishyness. If you want Damage Reduction just focus on Ressillence.

Improved Power Word: Shield; Don't ask me why Blizzard mixed the icons, by the way, this is a must since you will get Reflective Shield later, and yes, don't worry, since patch 2.4 the damage caused by Reflective Shield DON'T break CCs anymore. So if a Warlock spammed you with DoTs and a rogue in your group sapped it, you can use your PW:S, cause damage to the warlock and it will stand sapped.

Martyrdown: Again, nothing special to say about it, this is a must against melee classes, you can really become "Imortal" if it gives a lot of crit, with ressillence this damage is reduced and you can still avoid any pushback from any damage.

Improved Power Word: Fortitude; Good for you and your party/raid members, this can be a powerful tool for a Warrior at your team, and for you of course.

Inner Focus: It will help you a lot with ridiclous mana cost spells, like Mass Dispel or some Prayer and for some emergency use, if you get low on mana, you can use this combined with Shadowfiend.

Meditation: Nothing special to say about it, is a must, it will greatly improve your MP5. Get low on mana in PvP is really a bad thing.

Absolution: At this one we are increasing your time to get low on mana, in Arena when you have "free time" (don't need to save the ass of anyone) you will doing two thing, Dispelling Buff and Debuff, or using Mana Burn, both normally are to be spammed.(Mass Dispel on Ice Block or Divine Shield is something really helpful for your team members)

Mental Agility: Again, we are increasing your time to get low on mana, nothing more to say about it.

Improved Mana Burn: A must if you plan to spam it. Just that simple.

Mental Strenght: Again, increasing your time to get low on mana.

Divine Spirit: Again, this in combination with Medition will increase your time to get low on mana.

Improved Divine Spirit: Don't worht your points. It will slightly increase Spell Damage since you hardly will see someone with a spirit based gear.

Focused Power:: Good that it increases your damage and heal, but the really good thing is the Mass Dispel cast reduction, it will fit very well in a battle against team with Mages or Paladins.

Enlightenment: It could be a good thing if you have a haste based gear, but most of the PvP gears will focus on Resillence, int and SP. For this build now, you should avoid this one.

Focused Will: Reduction the effects of criticals done to you, and put your HP at first place, good for more survivability.

Power Infusion: Another must. This will greatly increase you HPS(Healing Per Second, don't ask where i got this)and reduce the mana cost of your spells, the good thing that isn't self only, so if you want to risk, you can try to give to a Moonkin or Mage at your team to improve their DPS.

Reflective Shield: This is usually taken like a bad talent, cause before the patch 2.4 the damage that it reflected broke CCs, so it got really hard to manage CCs in Arena teams. But now, it don't break CCs anymore, it still reflect damage to the CCed one, but without break it. It is a great idea now spaming PW:S, not only to buy some extra time for heal your target, but to cause some significant damage those Warriors that one shot your bubble. With all the improving PW:S talents, plus SP, your bubble can deal 1.5k~2k damage, nothing much impressive, but still helpful.

Renewed Hope: You probally think that it would be helpful since now you are spamming PW:S, but isn't, the amount increased isn't that big and you have more important things to spent points with.

Rapture: Why not? Increases your time to get low on mana, your heals and the damage absorbed by the PW:S and Divine Aegis, since this build focus in all this, you must have this talent.

Aspiration: Reduces cooldown of great spell, only the great ones that you gain for being a Disc Priest, and the really helpful one is Penance, that you should use always if is possible.

Divine Aegis: It isn't a spell that you can trust for your insurance, but sometimes really comes in hand, mostly for penance, you have more chances to proc this. It obviously wont protect you from anything, but will reduce the damage dealed to you.

Pain Suppression: Another must, for most of the DPSers, it will turn you into an "Imortal"(for 8 seconds), or some friend that is being raped, it just don't work that well agaisnt Warriors, but for other ones, it will really buy some time to you.

Grace: Actually, a good talent. But there are better ones and by now, you are probally close to running out of points to spent.

Borrowed Time: This name says everything and still increases the damage dealed by your bubble. Sometimes you can use PW:S followed by Greater Heal, with spell haste shouldn't be that late.

Penance: What? You will get in the end of a tree but won't take the ultimate? It's very helppful cause is a "instant heal" spell, usualy the amount healed overcomes the damage taken. The bad thing of it is that you can't use in yourself.

Holy Tree

Healing Focus: Another must, reducing pushback is a great thing for your survivability. Actually i advise you to spent points your two first points here, and then go for the Disc tree, and form there you manage your points as you level up to get the Power Infusion, Pain Suppression and Penance at the right time.

Improved Renew: Just the right option, since you can't spent your points to get the othe talent of this row to maximum(Holy Specialization), and actually, Renew is your most mana efficient heal, so it can help you a lot. Usually is often used for PvErs, but helps PvPers too.

Spell Warding: Here comes a hard choice, cause Divine Fury can really improve your HPS by turning Greater Heal more easy to use, if your time has a good resillence rating, you can even spam it. But on the other wands, just from patch 3.02 Warlock and especially MAGES are being a pain in the ass with all Burst and Silence. Probally the mages will be nerfed, but they will suffer the same kind of nerf that the Paladins suffered, they will not make Mage a normal class to beat, they will just pass it from "Nearly Impossible" to "Very Hard". So have something that reduces all damages taken from spells really comes in hand, but for this one, is totally optional, you can try this and Divine fury to see which works better for you.

Divine Fury: How I said, this can really improve your HPS, with this and Power Infusion you can spam Greater Heal almost like Flash Heal, just with some milliseconds of difference, but Spell warden Plus resillence will greatly improve your survivability, so it's up to you choose one.

Desperate Prayer: Desperate is right. I wouldn't say a life savior, but can really buy some extra time for you.

And that's it. That's actually a totally theoretical build, I still on 70, but i have researched a little the coming PvPs sets and other classes, so how the end game will be for PvPers is very predictable. I probally mixed up something, and have to take one point of Absolution to put on Desperate Prayer. So i would like to know your view about it.

(PS: I'm not american, get easy on mispelling and grammar errors)
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#2 Mutual

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Posted 15 November 2008 - 11:41 PM

I'm not too sure about WotlK either because I've quit, but isn't BR and imp Healing better than Imp Fort and Divine Aegis? (and 3 out of MA). Would make penances cost practically no mana; also might be better getting Divine Fury instead of Spell Warding too, if speccing into Imp Heal.
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#3 qazzi

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Posted 16 November 2008 - 12:07 AM

No, I wouldn't spec into Divine Fury when you can easily get Pain Suppression and Penance.
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#4 Draghinazza


Posted 16 November 2008 - 10:10 PM

Oh Sorry, I commited some mistakes on the build, Divine Aegis should have 3 points and Absolution 2. Here is the right build


And about what Blarrg talked about. I haven't thought this way, but is pretty interesting. I choosed(don't know if this is the right word) Divine Aegis before Blessed Recovery because by now, the new patch, some clases got an huge buff, especially talking about burst like rogues and pallys, so the 6 second of recovery from BR might be not enough to help overcome the damage being dealed to you. how i said, Divine Aegis is not something to trust, obviously 30% of some crit heal isn't something too... high. But Divine Aegis isn't something to protect you for a big period of time, like PW:S, is something only the cause a great damage reduction for the one who receive it. And this is the "advantage" over BR, that isn't something only for you. You can proc it at other people, and the inresting thing is that the damage the bubble takes is calculated by the armor of the "wearer". For example, if you give PW:S for someone with 50% of damage mitigation from armor, and 3k melee damage is dealed to the bubble, it will absorbs only the damage that you will be dealed to the wearer without the buff, so it will absorbs 1.5k damage. So proc Divine Aegis at a MS Warrior, for example, will be pretty helpful if he still on Weakned Soul effect. And isn't that hard to proc Divine Aegis.

But actually, i think you're right. This build is something more to raid BGs, not that good for Arena. I wanted to give a good balance between Healing and Survivability, but for this Raid BGs, espcially if you are at Alliance side, you should focus a little more in Survivability, cause ins't a behavior from Ally players help healers in danger, and Horde has a parcially constant behavior to go for the healers and then DPSers. But talking about Arena, and recital that you have a good Arena team, smart and united, you shouldn't worry about people charging to you, if someone comes to try kill you, one of your teammates will intercept that attacker in some way. This build you have prposed is really better for Arena.

How about Mental Agility, actually the good purpose of it is that it will reduce the cost of Dispel and some other ones like Pain Suppression and Power Infusion, but now i think that , yes, isn't that important thing.

Improved Fortitude is Better for PvP in general, since you will be buffing a large amount of people, but for Arena, isn't that important too.

And about Spell Warden vs Divine Fury, i thought a little more about it, and the right choice is really Divine Fury, cause for a little protection you can count with your team member, and even for the Divine Aegis, it will be stronger if you procced a critical of Greater Heal instead of Flash Heal.

So here is the build that Blarrg has proposed


No point in Divine Aegis, 3 in absolution, 2 in Mental Agility. 5 points in Divine Fury and 3 in Blessed Recovered. At this point will need just one more point in Holy Tree to reach Improved Healing, so i spent this point at Inspiration, since +1% of critical chance and %2 of spell damage reduction are useless. Then spent 3 point in Improved Healing. And left only one point to spent, here you have two option, give ti to Mental Agility to reach 6% os mana reduction or give one more in Inspiration, i gave one more in inspiration, but that's your choice.

Thanks for the replys, and too bad that you have quit, it's hard to find smart players today.
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#5 Mutual

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Posted 16 November 2008 - 11:14 PM

Aww that's nice, thanks. I agree, your build is probably more suited to BGs and the bigger arena brackets. I've never tried Divine Aegis so I can't really comment as to how much it procs.
Divine Fury and Sp Warding are debateable; faster holy fire/smites (2.5sec smites are pretty cringeworthy) and Gheals or 10% spell damage reduction.
If the initial WotlK gearing and pvp is like TBC, casters should be more powerful at first while melee will scale more as items get better over time, so Sp Warding may be better at this point.

(I should've name changed a long time ago)
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#6 Chassidy

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Posted 16 November 2008 - 11:29 PM

The above builds are not well done. Imp fortitude has always been bad as stamina is only useful when you're dying before you're oom. I could only see a possible argument for imp fort in 3.x

divine aegis seems out of place in your build. MAYBE if you're gearing/speccing towards crit and taking those talents, however, i still don't think priests should be taking the new role, that seems to be possible, as a crit healer. If that was your goal, why not take holy specialization and the other crit talents?

also, i think grace is very strong in conjunction with penance and even stronger when you're paired with an equal or better focus target.


this is a much better build. I with 8 second penances, you will be using that alot and you will be extremely mana efficient with empowered healing and rapture on the already efficient penance.

Some other notable things in the disc tree are imp inner fire instead of imp PW:S. I'm not sure about this, however, i feel like without self cast penance priests survivability is really poor as full disc. imp inner fire will give something around 750 armor which decent when after armor reductions are applied, 750 becomes a much larger damage reduction. We'll have to see how the damage plays out at 80 arenas but i feel like imp inner fire is AT LEAST decent now .

I think that you could potentially take the points out of mana burn to get 2/3 imp PW:S or potentially switch the points from absolution to get imp pw:s. With my experience in 3.x, I found that dispelling that clutch buff was really, really hard and dispel is expensive now with all the dispel resistance and the increased cost of the spell. I dont feel like i can throw dispels all over the place now, and it seems more like something you use to get key things off.

In the holy tree switching 1/3 inspiration for 1/3 spell warding seems resonable as well, as it is just a filler point.

All other points seem solid.
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#7 Mutual

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Posted 17 November 2008 - 08:04 AM

I've heard a bit about how uselss Mana Burn is at lvl 80, so it might be worthwile putting those 2 points into Imp Divine spirit. I tried it a bit before I quit, and 51 spell power (times by whatever the healing coefficients are) seemed pretty solid. Worth nothing if dispelled though
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#8 Draghinazza


Posted 18 November 2008 - 09:05 PM

Well, Chassidy, for today standards your build is pretty good, however, pretty risky too. About the Imp Fortitude, i agree with you, is only useful for 3x3/5x5 and BGs, if you need to farm honor. But about Divine Aegis, i think he is really well placed in this build cause no matter what situation DA procs, it always will be helpful in some kind of way, if you're spamming Penance a crit heal of one hit will be something like 2k~2.3k, so divine aegis will come up with something between 600~700 of damage to absorb. This sounds very little, but this is just one hit, penance deal 3 healing hits in 3 seconds, proccing 2 Divine Aegis in one penance is nothing to impress about. But about my first build showed up here, that had (and still has) that indecision beteween Spell Warden and Divine Fury, Divine Aegis could be out of place, but by now i'm convinced that Divine Fury is a better choice, and one of the reasons for this, is Divine Aegis. By spamming Greater Heal while Penance is on cooldown, you will get crit heals of 6k~6.5k or even 7k heal, this will proc a Divine Aegis of 2k damage to absorb. And that sounds good, i mena, this won't protect the healed one from a Whirlwind or Pyroblast, but you will a great damage reduction for it. But I agree with you, my First Build has its flaws, if you aren't planning to get Divine Fury, DA is a bad option. But that's the whole point of this Thread, to debate and find a really good build for Disc Priests.

For what you have talk about respeccing into a Holy priest i think that's not the way it should be. If you really wants an incredible and indestructible healer forget about your priests and go for a Resto Druid. It's can really give an HUGE amount of heals. But for me... that's it, "heal and shut up". One thing that makes me happy for being a priest is that, you'r a not just a healer, to play with a resto druid and disc priest, you will need a lot of experience with those cause they are totally different style of play, i think priest of something more coordinated, i don't know how to explain exactly, but for priest, you can't only trust on heal, i think it's a more strategical kind of play. You can still use some of the shepsift form of the druid to help play with the resto, but actually, is a pretty simple strategy. with this priest now i'm constantly playing with other two guys that are my friends, but if you look at us, we are a very very very weird team. A Disc Priest, a Moonkin Druid and a Combat Rogue. We don't have any good armor, despite the Moonkin that buffed can have 12k armor, but still, is nothing to impress. But one thing that we have a lot is CCs, and our management is very well timed. Sometimes i got even impresed with myself about how can we do such things, we use and abuse all kind of spell that we have like Ciclone, Typhoon, Entailing Roots, PS, stunlocks, everything. And with that, we already have beaten the classic team Warrior Arms, Resto Druid *filler class here*. Is nothing like we are imortal, but our rate of sucess on a battle, is very very very good. And i like that, something that need more timing than power, and that's why i'm choosing a disc priest to be a healer, it's something more than just heals.

About Grace, I agree with you, is in fact a good talent, BUT on certain circunstances. Grace is something more to high rating arena team, when everyone is well geared with a good armor and resilience and you with a huge amount of Spell power, so those 3% damage reduction and 6% more healing will be more effective with higher numbers. But if you are just enterig in the Arena, isn't something that profits.

An About Improve Innerfire i think that is here where your build can receive the adjective of being risky. I think that Improve Innerfire is only for priests that are really focused on damage reduction. Can be a shock for most people, but there are Off-tank Priests, and not spell tank, like an huge amount of Warlocks that you will need for Illidan, but really a melee damage reduction. The 15% damage reduction from the Shadowform plus Innerfire and a good gear can turn a priest able to tank something until the main tank be ressurected, or even tank until die for the main tank repleace him. And for Shadow PvP Priest, this is good too, have a great amount of damage reduction, but for Disc Priest, i think you will be only turning a bad point to not so bad point, but still bad. On the other hand, we don't know how is the damage reduction formulas for LK. It always change at every patch and isn't something that Blizzard show to us. The formulas that i know for damage mitigation are very simple, and its has some kind of diminishing return. For exple, if you have 5k armor, this will offer to you a 30% of damage mitigation, if you add another 5k armor, it won't increase 30% of damage mitigation, it will increase only 20%, letting you with 50% of damage mitigation. So isn't something that "no matter more is good". IF the coming PvP TIer have low armor for priests, you should get Improve Innerfire, cause this 750 armor will still be on the starting of the armor table and the diminishing return is almost 0, so those 750 will increase the same amount of damage mitigation of 2k armor would give to a Warrior. The coming PvP sets don't have too much armor, nor the Savage Gladiator's and even the Deadly Gladiator's have the armor bonus that the Brutal Gladiator's has. Just to make a comparative of those sets, WITHOUT the acessories, just the set.

Brutal Gladiator's: ~1990 Armor/~235 Resilience

Savage Gladiator's: ~1175 Armor/~330 Resilience

Deadly Gladiator's: ~1250 Armor/~360 Resilience

How you can see, the armor from Brutal to Savage(Low rate arena set) is pretty well reduced, so Improve Innerfire could be a good option, however, the amount os Resilience, this amount is just for the set, just the set not the acessories, is pretty bigger too. About PvP, that's it, Resilience is everything, if you don't have Resilience, you are fucked. A Savage geared char have more chance to win a Brutal geared char just by this, just the resilience. With the acessories the upcming resilience for Lk should be something between 500~600 Resilience. Even the Deadly, extremly high rating set ha a lower armor than brutal, but with much better Resilience. Improve Innerfire will be a good option if the the melee classes from end game Lk come up with big bursts, so from there, that's is not a good talent, is a must talent. But recital of what Mutual has talked, if the LK coming if the same thing from Classic to TBC, only by the Season 6 melee will receive a good gear. And even the idea of taking from Improved PW:S to give to Improved Innerfocus is a bad idea. First of all is that Improved Innerfire always was a bad talent do Disc Priest, so trusting it now, isn't something much safe. And by the 3.02 i fell that Blizzard want the Disc Priests to be PW:S Spammers. If you compare the2.4 Disc Tree with the 3.02 Disc Tree, you will that the new buffs focus at PW:S, focus in turning PW:S something spammable, PW:S received a huge buff for the amount that it absorbed before 3.02, and that's why Reflective Shield is something useful now. Cause even when Reflective Shield stopped to break CCs at 2.4, still isn't something useful cause the damage that PW:S absorbed was too tiny, it was laughable too see a Priest with points on it. But now is something that worth it, PW:S became a very important spell for disc priest, and i think if you will take points of something take off from Improved Mana Burn.

Improved Mana burn was really useful and the beginng of TBC is a little at the end, but now, i think it's overated. until some point of the WoW history, mana burn was even overpowered, you could, with some effort, totally burn all the mana pool of some classes, but for know, especially for LK, the mana pool became too big for Mana burn. Just a shadow priest can make some good use of it. Mana Burn is good still, but isn't something to really spam, is something more tu use a little, just to make your enemy get low on mana faster, not too commpletly burn all it's mana. off course some classes that don't need to much mana, like Enhacement Shammy you cand still try to empty it's mana pool, but is too much spefic. I think absolution is underrated, cause Mass Dispel is really too much mana expensive, and very very good. You could use innerfocus before using mass dispel, but i prefer to save innerfocus for shadow fiend, especially cause it cost base mana, and not a pre-determined number. And you think dispel isn't something powerful but truly, trust me is. If dispel something wasn't useful, you could take all the points of Silent Resolve, since the whole point of it is to impede from your buff being dispelled. Dispel Ice Block isn't that useful, cause the mage can't do nothing within it, so if it's the last enemy to survive, you can just wait to the iceblock finish, but for the Divine Shield, it will make an huge difference, cause for now, you totally destroyed the chance of this pally to heal himself, if he starts to heal we will suffer so many pushbacks that the amount healed wont overcome the amount of damage dealed.

And about Improved Divine Spirit i still thinks that not worth it, it only worth if you have a really spirit based gear, i already saw some warlocks with this, but it's rare. For now, i don't know about you guys, but at the end of TBC and LK, i noticed too many itens with Spell Hast, don't know, can be just a coincidence, but lately, Haste Rating showed up a lot of time from me. Don't know if they will really give some care the battle speed and timing, but they can, who know.

For PvP in general i still prefer my build, is more versatile and only in very spefic circunstances have something that futile. if i would chance something, i will take off point from MA and Improved Mana burn, and give it to Grace and Inspiration.
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#9 cambriz902

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Posted 18 November 2008 - 09:16 PM

i was looking to get something like this.
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#10 Mutual

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Posted 19 November 2008 - 10:33 PM

@Dragh TLDidReadAnyway

(Just a note: Imp DS grants 80 spellpower regardless of the target's base spirit+gear etc.)

Disc is such a bloated tree for PvP, there isn't much space for Imp Inner Fire except for that filler 1 point in Imp PW:S or all 3 points in Imp PW:S if you decide to do that.

I can't really comment on Mana Burn; just that the AotV change will make mana burning more crippling and that ret paladins have no intellect on their Hateful and Savage pieces so they will be extremely easy to burn.

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#11 Draghinazza


Posted 21 November 2008 - 06:41 PM

I didn't know about this +80 SP from Improved Divine Spirit. Now it can be a good talent. But still it CAN falls in the same place of Improved Fortitude, is good, but really useful in Raids, talking about PvPers, BGs. There you will be buffing a big amount of people, so this worth the points, with a decent Spirit, you can reach +100 SP.

I have looked a little more at the new rank spells (70-80), and find some interesting things. For example the new Innerfire, it adds no only 2440 of armor but more +120
SP for the priest too, this combined with Improved Divine Spirit can add +220SP for the priest when buffed. Improved Innferfire still not worth the points. I did the calculations and it add only 366 of armor, not 750. (2440*15/100), and only +18SP(120*15/100)

I looked Mana Burn too, and the new rank is really better, or at least fits in the actual mana pool. It burns something around 1500 of mana. It's a good improvement, now with 2 Mana Burn, you burn 3k mana, not just 2k. As more MB you use, more efficient becomes, compared to 70 one. But still debeatable.

Fortitude get much better too, the last rank increases +214 Stamina, with Improved Fortitude you can reach +278 Stamina (214*30/100). I heard that the new standard HP for tanks now, will be somethings around 25k. 278 stamina adds 2.5k~2.7k of HP. I think is a good amount.

Based on some information that everyone contributed here I did this build


How Mutual said, Full Disc is very bloated, I had to gave up somethings that are really useful. I focused on let the holy tree as the ways it is. Spent all my first points in it, and then, managed the Disc tree to get better as possible. First of all i have to gave up of Divine Aegis. Now that i know how is the new mana burn, i think will be too early to take off point of it, and the Holy tree needs 18 to stay how it is, so the Disc tree will have to lose something. I choosed Divine Aegis e Mental Agility, cause first of all when i build it up, missed some points so my choice was between Divine Aegis or Focused Will. At this point Focused will is a better talent because now you have Blessed Recovery and it's not a "proccing talent" if you know what i'm talking about. Divine Aegis proccs at a good rate, but Focused Will proccs always when you "got in trouble"(critical hitted), in conjunction with BR and Matyrdown, is a better option than DA. Mental Agility is good too, but not that good. Now that you are spamming PW:S you think will be a good idea keep points on it, but isn't. 10% of mana cost reduciont is good for extremely high mana cost instant spell, and the only expensive nstant spells that i can think about are the Prayers, but you only use this at the preparatory phase, so why care? PW:S at its normal cost spends 600 mana(70), with MA it goes for 540 mana. 80 one will be more expensive, but your mana pool is bigger too. That's why i take all points from DA and MA to give to Holy Tree.

And take two points from absolution to give for Improved Divine Spirit. This with Innerfire can add a good amount of SP to you.

But don't know about this build, Improved Fortitude and Improved Divine Spirit will be useless if it get dispeled. And this build don't preserve too much mana, you can get low on mana fast. So can be better give all its for MA again.

Absolution with one point can be a bad choice too, mass dispel is really expensive, but with higher mana pool, and since you will use only once at one battle, isn't a great loss, i think dispel will become a little more expensive.

This is more an Arena Build than BG Build I think.
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#12 azariel

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Posted 27 November 2008 - 09:31 PM

I personally think this is the build Ill be going with.
Imp Mana Burn, with the changes to mana burn it I think it will drain you faster then your target. I think that Imp. Fort and Imp Inner Fire are not that needed. I agree Imp Inner Fire is better then Blessed Recovery, but you need those points to get Improved Healing. I haven't crunch numbers, but I think it will make you more mana efficient then 5 points into rapture. I rather go for Haste over crit right now, because its a constant, where as with Divine Aegis you need to get lucky.
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#13 Kikstyo

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Posted 27 November 2008 - 10:20 PM

Im pretty much done with the Priest class, been playing since Beta

WorldofWarcraft - I got owned by every class
Burning Crusade - I got owned by resto druids outclassing me
and also druids teamed up with well timed macestuns =]
WOTLK - Mutilate Rogues... What can i do haha

I might lvl my priest to 70 if my DK fails in arena

I have a lot of exp in arena as a priest got mai shuldersss =p
This is the ideal spec i believe for Arena if u want to be disc at 80

Imp fort is garbage spirit buff is really only for protecting instant buffs. This build lacks mana burn but im not sure if it will be good with all the crazy brust going on at 80

Heres my build for pvp
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#14 azariel

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Posted 27 November 2008 - 11:07 PM

Heres my build for pvp

Why no Aspiration? If you're going to get Divine Aegis why no Holy Specialization?

I am still thinking that Improved Healing will be better suited vs Rapture... though I dont have numbers to back that up.

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#15 Jason

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Posted 28 November 2008 - 03:16 AM


Something like that.. May change a few things such as imp inner fire for silent resolve. Maybe toss around a few points for some in mental agility.
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#16 Grandniece

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Posted 29 November 2008 - 03:12 AM


Dispel is a must in arena
The cost of it must be cheap.

As in WOTLK all the dps classes got buffed so we better put some points in selfdefence talents.
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#17 Gilraen

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Posted 04 December 2008 - 10:29 PM

One comment on Imp. PW:shield is, if you have the glyph for it, the most % it absorbs the better the heal will be when applied.

I'm debating if I want to stick with Disc or not, I spec'd disco because shadow was gimp'd to never never land and it useless in PVP.

So I'm a merc. gladiator Disco priest and love it.

But now that I have WOTLK(my priest is still a 70) I need to level and not sure if I use shadow or stay with disc.

Might go with:

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