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[A-US-PVE-CST] Sunwell Experienced Guild Recruiting for WotLK

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Posted 21 September 2008 - 12:16 AM

Helix is a Hellscream (US-Alliance-PvE) guild dedicated to end-game raiding. Many of our members have extensive World of Warcraft experience. Many of our players have experience in Sunwell Plateau, as well. Currently we are clearing MH/BT casually and are looking for strong numbers for the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.
We are a guild composed of dedicated members who share a common goal: successful raid progression. The members of our guild have extensive knowledge of their classes, and have vast experience in end-game content as we have progressed individually over the years. Players who do not put dedication and progression first and foremost in their game play need not apply.

As of 9/20/08, we are looking to recruit the following classes:

Shadow Priest [1]
Resto Druid [2]
Feral Druid [1]
Mage [2]
Hunter [2]
Warlock [2]
Holy Paladin [1]
In addition, we are also looking for potential Deathknights. We would prefer someone who has played to 80 in beta and is familiar with the class. This is negotiable.

We would love to see applications from any other player who has T6/Equiv and skill to match.

Please keep in mind that while we do limit our recruitment to certain gear requirements, exceptions can be made for those who we believe to be exceptional players. That being said, all classes are encouraged to apply.

Upon joining, new members will go through a trial period in which we evaluate your overall performance. If you do well and try your best, you have nothing to worry about. During your trial period, if you miss a lot of raids, make a lot of avoidable mistakes, don't pay attention, don't carry out instructions to the best of your ability, or cause drama then you run the risk of having your membership terminated.

All applicants must be level 70 and must be familiar with Tier 6 content. We would prefer applicants who have their MH and BT attunements complete but this is not a requirement.

Helix is interested in:

1) General skill and game knowledge. Intimate knowledge of class and game mechanics is a must. Theorycrafting is a plus.

2) Raid Attendance - Raid times will be announced soon, but we are only looking at a 3 day casual raid schedule until WotLK.

3) Raid Commitment - Members must be able to listen and follow instructions well. Bring your A game to raids, don't ninja afk, don't be continually distracted. Be on time, do not log off before raids are over unless in emergency. Be prepared for mandatory respecs. Be prepared to farm ridiculous amounts of consumables for progression raids, sometimes for more than yourself, and be prepared to lose them all in a single night. This guild does not provide anyone with consumables as they are the raiders responsibility. You also must be experienced and intending on raiding in Wrath of the Lich King.

4) Gear - Decent gear. 2/8 Tier 6 is preferred but not required.

5) Social Aptitude - We're fun, vulgar, and generally rough around the edges. We have a variety of people in our guild. We are not interested in people who sign on for raid and log off immediately afterward.

- Frequent distractions/afks.
- Arguing with an officer at inappropriate times or about stupid things.
- Acting like you're an officer or telling others what to do. We can handle it. Really.
- Ninja looting or anything else that stirs up the community, on the forums or in-game.
- Missing raid times without posting your absence on the forums.
- Complaining about loot.

- Maintaining attendance.
- Playing well and knowing your class. Do everything you can to improve your play.
- Ask questions at the appropriate time so you know exactly what you should do about anything. Not knowing and asking is much better than not knowing, not asking, and then messing it up.
- Maintaining acceptable maturity and behavior both inside the guild and within the community.
- Getting to know guild members and making friends early in your recruitment process.
- Putting together an application that will turn heads. We want to see how badly you want to join by the time put into your app.

If you're interested in applying, please visit us at www.HelixGuild.com or contact Dahlya in-game.

Re-rolls for WotLK are welcome!
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