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Spriest Destro Lock Combo

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#1 Abishua

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 02:23 AM

Ok, Myself and a friend of mine made a 2v2 arena team, kind of a "What the hell, we'll get points anyway" while planing to make a more serious team if our score dropped below 1300. We'll we started to do better, and we broke the 1500 mark. (1524) Well I was an idiot, and I decided today to play a few games, so were now in the low 1400s again. Any tips for it? Hes going affliction when he gets better gear. Ill upload a clip of two fights, one where we win against a Warrior mage, and one where we lose against a Hunter Warrior. Anyway, tips would be nice. A random piece of info: We use skype, it allows us to cordinate attacks fairly well, and we have been able to destroy some teams that outgeared us because we could just shout to silence the mage or whatever. Ill try and get the clip up today or tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
Edit: I know I'll be armoried so random things:
1. My shadow damage is about 425, I have gloves that give specificly shadow damage only so you have to check that. My health is about 9.3k self buffed, and 9.5k with an imp from my warlock friend. I am currently working on engineering to make the Gnomish Belt that absorbs 4k damage for survivability. I am pvping right now for my two weakest points in my gear, my neck piece and my shoulders. I am a troll for a few reasons too. Shadow guard is EXTREMLY good for defense. It may not proc black out all the time, but it really does help. Also Hex of Weakness. Mini ms anyone? =) Berzerking rez in arenas would be funny, but its not really easily achieved. Berzerking mana burn is really nice though. I have learned that I do not need Inner Focus due to lack of mana heavy spells. My shield does take up a lot of mana, but 1.5k more damage absorbed isn't really game braking when Im out of mana as it is. Anyway thats a small edit, Ill edit the movie later tonight and post it tomorrow, hopefully it wont be a complete piece of crap =P.

ok Edit 2: One heres a sample of a win and a loss on our part. This was edited at 2:30 in the morning, I'm working on a better movie, and the music is crappy, also I spelled execute "exicute" so be warned. Heres the filefront link:
Also, hes destro till he gets a lot more +damage to go affliction because he can't do jack without it apparently. >_> anyway thanks.
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#2 Chasanak

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 05:50 PM

I'm not entirely sure as to why he's waitin for gear to go affliction because destro is probably the most gear dependent spec. full aff or affl/sl would probably make a huge difference in your favor.
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