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Posted 10 May 2017 - 03:22 PM

maybe im biased or delusional because im just playing 10cap games a week  but there are my 2 cents

im annoyed by any def cd used i can just /afk until its duration is gone, should i swap another raid boss with 5mln hp pumping my 2 buttons raid rotation into it?


maybe shortterm cure would be buffing dmg and healing by 15% and/or nerf big defs instead? so active gameplay would be rewarding and players d no longer be passively immortal, currently if u face a hpaly or rdruid for example, now mater what rating is it u gotta just get all their cds even if they use it randomly 


for me they should do some redesigns rather than balancing poor gameplay around numbers(5/10% buffs/nerfs)


i prefer old days pvp wotlk/cata maybe mop, when it was all about action reaction short cd for short cd, positioning, u could kill someone fast but he could recover fast aswell , now its like  unscrewing the tap but there is no pressure and ...since when ppl started using dps meter in arena and started trying optimizing their dps in arena ? in wotlk/cata u tried to outplay ppl using certain abilities now u just learn how to max ur dps with little cc and big cds usage

every week(hotfixes) into this expansion is more and more scripted gameplay like it was in wod 

wow pvp should be complex because we have so little chars/gameplay customization, after all the pruning its too simple to be fun and its to easy to play  = its hard to shine, the difference between players is so low, u just play to learn the schemes if u dont know the scheme/script ull lose no matter if u did some crazy stuff in arena, imo there is a little 'paradox' - the easier the game is - the harder its to be good at - its the reason good old players who came back into wow, are just quiting because they notice that game is no longer fun

wow has never been super good in pvp, but at least it was fun, now i dont know if im playing wow or another mortal kombat game

wow pvp (wod,legion maybe mop too) = frustration 24/7

ofc there is some good stuff ingame but overall it sux

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