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When to choose what talents?

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 01:17 PM

Good Mornin Demon Hunters! Hows the Hunt?

Question on when to choose:

Chaos Blades Talent Instant 2 min cooldown Requires Demon Hunter (Havoc)
Requires level 110

Increases all damage done by 11% (based on Mastery) for 12 sec.

While active, your auto attack deals 150% increased damage, and causes Chaos damage.




Nemesis Talent 50 yd range Instant 2 min cooldown Requires Demon Hunter (Havoc)
Requires level 106 Increases damage you inflict against the target by 25% for 1 min. 

When the target is slain, you will inflict 25% additional damage against all creature types matching the original target (Humanoid, Dragonkin, etc.) for the remaining duration.




Fel Barrage Talent 30 yd range Channeled (1 sec cast) 30 sec recharge 5 Charges
Requires Demon Hunter (Havoc)
Requires level 110 At your command, unleash Fel, inflicting [(300% of Attack power)] Chaos damage to your target and nearby enemies for each charge.  Max 5 charges.

Your damaging abilities have a chance to generate a charge.


Momentum Talent Requires Demon Hunter (Havoc)
Requires level 106 Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat increase your damage done by 20% for 4 sec.



I believe Metas on a 2min CD with Honor-Talent / AP trait, so thats why we stack, but I can see like picking barrage over the stacked CDs like against mages for odd reason cant connect etc. Just didnt know how everyone else is justifying there choice.


Thanks again!



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