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help vs teams w/ locks/many ways to stop casts as resto?

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#1 jumpypuppet


Posted 13 January 2017 - 07:36 PM

i have always had a baseline level of difficulty dealing with affliction because of their double lockout, but despite this i mostly learned how to deal with their damage a while ago -- cleansing appropriately, distinguishing manageable vs dangerous dots, etc. but in legion i have been really struggling with them, since even before this most recent patch.

a good example is in a melee cleave, where there's no other caster to eat interrupts, vs FLS. so far in legion it's felt mandatory to keep one dps CCed for most of the match, because otherwise the damage would be too high. this works extremely well vs other melee teams, but often feels impossible to carry out vs lock/shaman/X. my default strategy is usually to take defender of the weak, cultivation, ward, and either guardian or balance affinity (neither seem to work all that great). i have also tried swapping between instant wild growth/overgrowth, and improved bark/revitalize (i think?).

during the match I'll pillar hump as best I can while refreshing hots+mushroom. it's harder if the 3rd dps sits me, but either way i usually end up feeling overwhelmed. i try to bait interrupts early on in the match before the damage really ramps up. FWIW i feel like im pretty decent at faking casts, and I do usually manage to get at least the first spell lock, and often a shear. the problem is by that time their damage starts to get rolling, and I usually have to re-hot+cleanse someone's UA stacks. I do that, but then I turn around and wind shear is back up, plus grounding, plus the lock's second kick, and his first one is almost off cooldown. at this point if the lock sicced his dog on me i will get behind a pillar and try to clone it so I can pop tranq without being locked out again. that tends to stabilize everybody, but only for a moment. inevitably the match will get to the point where my hots aren't enough anymore and i need to do something, be it clone the dps or start bombing regrowths. arguably that tipping point could encompass the whole match, in that if I were able to get casts off from the start, things wouldn't get so out of control.

essentially: against those teams it feels so impossible to hard cast, and moreso punishing in a way that the multiple short interrupts of something like blood elf DHs aren't, that I feel like I'm limited almost solely to healing via my hots, with the occasional clone/tranq/etc (often at a great cost).

does anyone have any advice? AFAIK i'm dispelling teammates properly, but I'm less confident in my talent choices, or whether i'm playing the matchup even close to the right way. thanks
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#2 osskar

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 09:40 AM

against any decent FLS during the incarn the key is to shift stuns on u, otherwise u wont be able to keep up the healing and either u or someone else will die. another important tihng is to get good tranq and top everyone, after incarn is over u shouldnt have problems with healing all u need to do is see when feral is running at u and shift his stun.


as soon as u see agony+siphonlife+corruption on urself - dispel it and there is no way u drop even to like 80% during the stun on u (while in bear ofc).


another usefull thing against fls is to play mana talent in 2nd pvp row. If u know that its gona be mana game u can try it but disadvantage of that is if u cant predict stuns and u have problems with keeping up ur teammates u will die with 100% mana anyway ;D

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