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Rogue + disc priest

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 01:25 AM

Hi, I've recently started to play an assassination rogue and i find myself  stuck on 1,8k-1,9k rating and i just want to get better. There are things that i just can't find answer myself unfortunately so i wanted to ask someone who is more experienced than me. I tend to play with my  friend who is playing a disc priest.


Do i want to keep rupture/garrote on as many targets as i can or do i just train one target or what is my main strat? (same goes for 3's tbh) Do i ever want to use 4cp rupture or that would be a mistake to do so?


What is my optimal opening versus teams with stealth (especially mirror setup) do i try to get a sap on invis guy and noting else or what do i do?


How about teams without stealth? I know i shouldn't be rushing for a sap versus DH teams because he can use spectral sight or w/e it's called and get me out of stealth and put me in a poor position but how about setups with hunters or shamans? should i be concerned about random flare that could put me out of stealth or a random earthgrab totem and maybe not rush for a sap versus setups with shamans/hunters aswell?


How do i play versus ret paladins? I know rogues are screwed against them but maybe there is some kind of edge i can get. Same goes for rshaman + lock setup. It's pure cancer which i don't know how to fight (or at least what is the proper way to approach it besides /afk i guess)


How do i play versus mage + disc priest setup? that is the one that we tend to lose  the most (besides the 2 above probably)



Thanks for any tips/advices 

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