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MW vs Feral / WW on 3's

feral windwalker monk mistweaver legion arena 3v3

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#1 Gakros

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 03:02 AM

HI guys,

First post in here although reading  the forum for years.

I am playing MW Monk with DH + random(atm) at 1.9CR in 3's.

I was 2.394 (so closeee) on WOD and i love the playstyle of Monk


I can't for no reason survive vs Ferals and WW monks.

With Ferals:

All they do is AOE bleed and jump around.

On 2's its ok but on 3's with a spriest or affli lock its insane.

I tried having DH sit on him... nothing

I tried having both DPS peel..nothing

I tried Ancient Mistweaver arts to spamm heals...OOM'ed

He is immune to slow and coming for me



With WW Monks:

If i get careless or they force my bubble i can die in 1 stun..

Even if i bubble they will cut thought it.

i noticed the Yulon's Gift + Ancient MW Arts + Tiger's Lust does help

But honestly i feel 1 misjudged roll / Mistwalk in the fight is all they need.



All i am seeing in 7.1.5 is not nerfing WW Monks and BUFFING FERALS?



TLDR:The Best Def of MW Monks is mobility and these 2 specc's poop on that,sad panda.

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#2 Abidalzim

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 03:56 AM

Vs ferals:

I personally like to play with ancient mw arts and you're on a timer before you oom ~ a couple of min, less vs fls, more vs fps for example, fmp can actually go into dampening though. Cocoon when you're in big trouble and use revival to counter incarnation (generally). As for the strats, it really depends what you play with and who they play with. For example zhrey's tsg sits on casters and grips in the feral. The team I played with for the last 2 days ww/dk/mw was sitting casters and gripping in healers while I sap and legsweep ferals when's they're rushing me, then mistwalk/roll away/port back and so on.


If feral plays some dumb shit like surv/feral/disc you're fucked and can /afk leave arena.


Vs ww monk:

You need to save cocoon for serenity and probably have to play with trinket in 3v3 (orc relentless in 2v2)... and somehow rotate peels and trinket to not die 100-0 in a stunlock. Pay attention to where his port is, if he's putting it on top of yours you need to replace it. Using cocoon without him using serenity is a good way to get oneshot in a stun.



In the end ferals and ww are really hard to deal with though and if you happen to mess up and be out of port range, you'll have a bad time. :)

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Zaka pa te če naja morš te ne, te pa če pa te ne čuj, kaj te to te je, ne?

#3 Gakros

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 08:45 PM


thanks for the response,

Our tact is usually sit on Dps'es (Train Lock , Split on other casters, AOE Double Melee) so in general i am on my own. (DH can't really peel anyway)


I haven't given the Medallion a decent chance,cause i think relentless even WITHOUT the Orc racial is better (Nelf here).

I mean vs FPS for example this means -2sec hexed,-1,5sec stunned, -1,5sec feared. Thats 3-4 more globals for me.

But i got to agree on WW monks seems interesting choice,

although Serenity=1.5min, VS  Medallion=2min.....


Anyone playing with Ring of Peace vs them ? Also i read that AMA should go with the The Crane Talent to relief AOE pressure.. Thoughts? 


**Edit** I always spot WW port and replace it.Works  ~40% of the time since the WW monk is training you so he will always be behind and notice where you place it.

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