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Frost Mage dropped 300 rating HELP?!

Frost mage Videos Analyse 3v3 Better RMP Shatter

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#1 FlyingHippo

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 09:10 PM

Sooo yeah, season coming to an end and i dropped from 1.9k to 1670, I'm pissed. Saw a while a go some guy made a post asking ppl to pick out wrongdoings. Since I'm 1.9k I know that I do things wrong and I'd love to if some1 can tell me my major mistakes.


Things I think I can(must) improve is:


Targeting, atm i mostly click targets to interrupt/polly, ugh!


Positioning, guess every1 can improve on, but it's something I've really started to pay attention to.


Syncing burst, I guess this is not my personal performance but it is a big deal. Whenever we are not

pressured(sometimes with pressure) cc heal, pop CDs, one shot. At least as RMP or with a WW.


Play with a WW



www. youtube. com /playlist?list=PLUSt4qEgulKqrVXN CqNGU5z1lEiBS81Mw

(Can't post links so remove spaces??)


Roast me.

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#2 BroxisDruid

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 11:45 PM

just saw 2 videos but to be honest there are a few things you must change to get over 1900 rating.

At first, clicking arenaframes too sheep is awful. You cant really move while clicking and you are losing too much time. Just get some target arena123 and cs/sheep focus or arena123 macros. They will help you very much.

You also dont kite enough i guess..staying at one point and eating dmg.

Saw your rmd video and you have like no communication with your rogue mate, you should talk the whole game like if you try to be succesful with that comb.

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#3 Kiffmyface

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Posted 12 December 2016 - 12:37 AM

There is no reason for you to be mad/pissed when you lose 300 rating from 1900 to 1600. That only means you arn't doing good with that team. Either because of lack of mechanics / team experience / lack of game sense etc. Just play the game more and grind. Once you are 2.4k+ and start tanking then you can ask yourselves why it is happening.


Just keep in mind that you are not really losing anything if you arn't glad range, you should not worry about rating but only improvement. Put everything on your side by using the appropriate macros/ keybinds and the right strats for your team composition. Also try to play with the same pool of people as much as possible if you actually want to progress.



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