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Disc/assasin 2s questions

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Posted 05 October 2016 - 10:59 PM

1. First of all are there any good videos from people playing this combo on high ratings at legion?


2. We seem to tunnel healer alot and it kinda works until like 1.9k mmr , it doesnt work always though , it feels like not an optimal strategy against some combos , my rogue get rooted or slowed and then it gets hard , monks are hard , we also played against a demo/druid and my rogue was constantly rooted and did nothing in the fight. When is it optimal to tunnel healer? and when you dunnot how do you get the kill on the dps? any tips overall?



The opposing healer try to keep some distance from me , its not always easy to approach him because this will leave my rogue vulnerable and will also be bad for me because i may get cced instead , fear has too small range , im trying to get close at the start to assist my rogue but when i have to heal him i think i start to lose my positional momentum especially against casters i have to kite obviously , these situations usually end up in a loss because as my rogue is trying to chase the healer im forced to follow and come in the open , im aware about these things because i played as lock before priest and i was always looking for opportunities like this aka to force the healer come in the open and kill him on a cc chain but since im the healer now im not sure what can i do to prevent it , the only thing i can think of is  the rogue switching to dps if we dont get the kill early until he has cds up to go for a 2nd kill.

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