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Elemental viability/comps

shaman elemental

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#1 Tekkys

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Posted 04 October 2016 - 06:09 PM

What is everyone thinking as far as Ele's viability at this point?

I was playing some thundercleave around 2150 mmr and it felt really smooth. I just cant help but feel that it is all the warrior, though. Ele/fire mage also seems pretty good, but its hard to find a mage not glued to a rogue/spriest. 


Some comments about the spec so far:


I feel like the artifact should be off the GCD. It feels awkward and clunky to do consistent damage with it during casting windows. I also think it should empower lightning bolts/CL for the duration of the buff, not just 3 uses. Could even be reduced to 10 seconds if it was too strong.


Defensive wise i think Ele is pretty balanced. AS feels okay and our pvp talents coupled with lightning surge/roots and Tstorm plus frost shock help with the melee train.


Our damage is pretty sub-par for a caster. If you get good procs you can really do some great damage, but w/o spiritwalkers during ascendance its hard to really find good windows to burst. I have actually found myself going with magma totem against melee cleaves just because ascendance gets shut down so easily w/ 2 interrupts.


Lava burst damage feels low. Because of the changes to our mastery, Blizzard is nervous about giving bigger, flat damage buffs for our abilities. Instead they seem to want to buff the mastery damage and flat damage by smaller amounts, which just furthers our reliance on RNG. 


Anyone else have any thoughts?

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#2 GrandalMurmillo

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Posted 06 October 2016 - 10:14 AM

Sad reality is that there is actually zero reason to play ele over enhance.


can you find one ? lava burst crits for 105k.


for some reason its hard for blizzard to fathom that elemental shamans that have 100% crit on lavaburst, and have elemental fury (250% of normal crit) gets gutted by the pvp crit nerf.


at this point lightningbolt needs to be castable while moving, do 20-30% more dmg ( outside of artifact on use )


Grounding totem should be baseline for elemental shamans.


Give eleshaman 45 sec bloodlust instead of enhance.


with these changes maybe ele could be woth playing.

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