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The new Holy Paladin in arenas. WTH do I do?

holy paladin pvp arena

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#1 alle1989

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 03:01 PM



So, last time I played Holy Paladin was back at Wrath of the Lich King. Back then it was quite a sturdy healer, but you had to be very cautious not to get CCed because we were quite susceptible to it. Also mana management was a must. But it was an amazing healer. I loved playing every second of it.


And now I've returned to WoW recently. Leveled up my Warrior but me and my friends have an agreement to have at least one healer. I used my Lvl100 Boost on the Pally.


But it's a LOT different from the Holy Pally I knew back in the day...


I am having a lot of issues on 3v3 arenas. We are running Affliction Lock, Outlaw Rogue and Holy Paladin. Thing is, it's an avalanche of interrupts, stuns and general CC that I never seen before. And my healing seem so ineffective compared to other healers. I did a bit better with the Warlock on 2v2s. We only lost against a Dk/RestoDruid comp. But 3v3s are a nightmare for me. It feels a lot like the WOTLK Paladin regarding vulnerability to CCs but the healing and sturdiness do not.


I would love to get a few tips if possible. How do I increase my survivability? How do I even stay alive and keep my mates alive through all that CC?


Here's my build:


-Bestow Faith


-Blinding Light

-Aura of Mercy

-Divine Purpose

-Sanctified Wrath

-Beacon of the Lightbringer


As for PvP talents, so far I have only the first column unlocked.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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#2 Aiiden

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Posted 04 October 2016 - 06:55 AM

Welcome back!

Your talents seem pretty cookie cutter so they should be fine vs most melee cleaves. But I would change aura of mercy to devotion as the others seem to be a bit lacklustre.

The comp that you're playing will make it hard for you to live unless your warlock and rogue are very good at peeling when you're stunned. Also your HOJ will DR your rogues peels most of the time. So you will find it hard to live. I personally have found Paladins garbage at healing themselves but very good at healing others. My advice against most comps would be to just play max range and make it hard for them to switch to you or get on you. Biggest thing about playing with a warlock will be not to line his damage by kiting away from him with divine steed. In my experience playing with warlocks it is best to just stand in their range, let them dot everything and easily fear during the times that you are stunned. Save all of your defensives for times of cross CC and you can't get peels from your lock or rogue for whatever reason. Something I do vs most melee comps is I will bestow faith and just cast into a kick if you are at 100% it will give you breathing space instead of faking yourself to death. But just make sure that bestow faith is up first when you do this. I hope this helps you out.
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#3 Gigana

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Posted 27 October 2016 - 01:14 AM

Get your honor talents.


Both Blessed Hands and Avenging Crusader make surviving much easier, depending on your playstyle. The level 43 talent that doubles the healing output of your holy light is also awesome. 


I suggest you go to paladin forums and check out Borngood's Legion holy paladin guide. It's all there. 

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