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Returning High Elo Player - Needs Advice

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 07:38 AM

Hi All

Just got back in time for legion, unfortunately never got glad, but got high rated in s4/5/6 up in the 2400s. I haven't played wow at all since 2009. Idk why I'm back but I am.

I was wondering a few things... I'm really out of the loop.

Is arenajunkies still the best place for high rated arena information?

How fucked am I still being Aussie? I thought we had AU servers but as it turns out 2/3 of wow is still played on the US servers with the LFG and bg queue stuff. So I end up with 60ms home, 230ms world. It feels smoother to play but I feel like its just blizz masking the poor ping better. Does this mean I am just as fucked as ever vsing americans in arena? Do we both get poor ping for the match or just me?

How should I spec (and play) my holy paladin? There seems to be a lot of options now and I am unable to get much quality advice as is. I do see the melee healer thing but it seems pretty counter intuitive... Anyways a link to a good spec with a little play style advice would be appreciated.

I have a rogue, mage, pally and lock highish levels. Should I just level a fresh druid as they seem pretty damn good (and versitile) atm as a main? Or is the legion weapon thing (why?) gonna fuck me over for multi specs?

Where the hell is everyone? Durotar is fkn empty. Do ppl duel anymore or is everyone playing beta? How do i meet arena players? Find partners? Get advice?

Long post heh, Anyways, any info would be appreciated. Cheers!
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