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what class to roll in legion

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#1 Flexes92


Posted 24 August 2016 - 02:09 AM

these are my choices

my mate plays healdruid so keep that in mind. i played warrior in wod but i dont really like how it plays now on the prepatch. i think i'd might try dk, especially because ive never really played dk before so im not as pissed off about the gcd and rune changes than dk mains i guess, but ie heared very conflicting things about the class. some say frost is shit unholy is t1, cervantes says dk is completely shit as a whole, i just dont know what to think. warrior is supposed to be good though so theres that. is there something as retarded as hunter was in wod 2s?
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#2 Nicholaes92

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Posted 24 August 2016 - 02:41 AM

The thing about dks is that you either choose unholy (decent damage, decent mobility, decent utility, really low survivability) or frost (HIGH damage and everything is shit). But if you aren't pushing for a glad title or want to have the "best comp possible" then go for it man. Honestly they are changing a lot of stuff fairly quickly so I would by no means go with what you think will be op this expansion, especially because how artifact grinding works. You don't want to go one class because you think they are op just to have them nerfed and you are now playing an ok class that you hate.

Pick whatever you think is the most fun and roll with it. Either way, from a 2s stand point, no one has tested 2v2 with a healer yet because you aren't allowed to in beta so no one really knows what's good now. Watch streams of classes you want to check out in legion and go by that tbh. Im bored so I'll make a list for you if you want to use it.


Snutz sometimes?

Nerox? Don't know a lot of dks

Don't watch sodapoppin



Does borngood stream idk

Demon hunter:

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