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[Video] SV Hunter Legion Overview

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#1 Glink

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Posted 14 August 2016 - 08:07 AM

A video I made showcasing the talent build I've been using for SV in legion, thoughts on the spec (and why its weak), comps that can work well with it, and what I think should be changed for imporvement. Check it out if you're interested and leave me some feedback!
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#2 Gimotqt

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Posted 14 August 2016 - 10:09 AM

trackers net is pure aids vs melee and it does not dr with other roots and u can trap off that easier than 3s rangers web which are kinda too short if u trap from long distance and u have actually to wait until target is rooted in place(lags/delays/traveling time and shit) to aim your trap.. if u go on dps and trap healers it generally doesnt rly matter if its dispelable or not...
focused fire as melee is not good idea i guess since you will always take some shit dmg as a melee
i would go bandages if its mechanics were better than standard First Aids - firstly i though its not interruptable by dots that are already on me but just on hit / spell(dot too) cast while channeling it... so masters call is the way to go
surv is fun and complex but other melees are just easier and more comfortable to play

ps dragonsfire grenade is not disorient:P
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#3 Garrockz

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 01:34 AM

I dont really share your opinion on the spec as i find myself even doing good pressure from afar, i only stack Mongoose Bite if i know that ill be able to actually stay on my target. On the other hand i find Murder of Crows is just as viable, especially in combination with Throwing Axes to maintain ranged pressure on the target.

I mean you got Explosive Trap Dot, MoC, Dragonsfire and Lacerate running on the target, while you throw the axes that still hurt like hell. And as soon as youre back on the target you can reapply Lacerate and start pumping MB / RS again. Its really important to prioritise Flanking Strike over MB if you know that you only got small uptime left on the target and you dont allready have 4-5 MB stacks running, because until then FS usually hits harder. So f.e. if i know my target will disengage any time, i dont even start stacking MB but rather save my charges and get my DoTs + a FS off for optimized pressure.

You seem overly opinionated that none of your abilities do any damage but Mongoose Bite. Dont underestimate the inital dmg of explosive trap f.e. and the dmg of your dots and traps if utilized correctly, aswell as Flanking Strike.

On top of that, with the low cd on trap + being able to maintain 2 tar traps at the same time to peel for your healer + having Petsac and freedom + a spammable Root, this is one of the best cc/utility kits of all dps classes, adding a stun on top would be a joke.
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