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[2v2] Assass Rogue & Rdruid vs Disc priest Teams

rogue arenas 2v2 gladiator assassination

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 10:27 AM


I am fairly new to rogues in general, I am looking for a stratagem as assassination to get a kill versus Disc priest teams. I am 1833 in 2v2 atm.

My opener is usually cheap shot rupture, Marked for death -> death from above, vanish cheap, envenom -> garrote. They usually are at 50% from that point and I refresh rupture then.

I wait for trinkets after a couple kidneys and on the next kidney I can't manage to solo with kidney -> vendetta marked for death -> death from above, vanish envenom cheap shot -> prep vanish envenom cheap garrote.

I feel like I used every tool in my arsenal by then, whilst they are around 25%-30% health I can't finish. Also in between there's like no real damage happening.

I need advanced strats as resto druid assassination rogue. Or should I just stick to dps, but even then if we face a war and he goes on my druid we get demolished by sweeping strikes.
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