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Disc Priest/Frost Mage versus Healer/DK(or Feral Druid)

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#1 thondy

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 09:41 AM


My mage friend and I appear to be having troubles with match-ups against Healer/DK or Healer/Feral Druid.

What we typically have is a set up of Deep -> Poly x3 with a fear + silence at the start or end of the Deep/Poly chain.

With DKs we have trouble because of the frequency of AMS while with Feral we have trouble generally landing the kill when the Feral goes defensive and starts self-healing or starts running around when he sees we have our set up down. Both have us generally running at a risk of lagging with the heals because Frost is more bursty than it is constant damage compared to Feral/DK.

Also, should we be playing aggressively against the Feral comps with dispels and risk OOMing faster or is it fine to sit back until kill windows are open (e.g. about 50% and we can run a chain) Same question with the DK too, should we be aggressive and risk OOMing or sorta sit back too? I guess we can force an AMS /then/ run the chain?

Any advice on these two comps would help >< Only pushing 1.6k right now which we do fine but we always keep hitting a block/rating tanks when we end up queuing against 5 or so of these comps in a row :|
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#2 Fotmogu

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Posted 15 June 2016 - 02:54 PM

Playing Disc/Frost too, and we have the same problems, but there are some tips, which can be useful.
Always dispel dk/feral. when a melee is pure always easier to make pressure.

Researched one thing, which seems to work.
If the healer is druid or shaman, at 15-20% dampening, start swapin between healer and dps. druid will prehot your target, and u can make a huge pressure, and then u dont have to bother with dispel ooming situation, HOTs on poly is nice :P

Positioning is the key. We checked some movement to separate dps and healer. Healer must go to open area or staying out of los. when your healer is trained, get trained behind a pillar. The opponent healer will approach you and make a double fear or etc.
Save blazing speed and tell your priest both of u need feathers, when feral/dk is kiting.

I play disc very offensively, always dmging. If a rogue/warrior/dk attakcing me, do some fake cast, cast mind seer what will be interrupted, and have free flash heal cast.

Play 3v3, more complex, more reaction and skill needed, and your 2s gameplay will improve too.

Not big tricks, but we left 1600, and improved in 3v3.
Make research, try new things. And i realized, that u leave this fotm/easymode bracket, u leave the bad rng 2button spec opponents too.
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