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General Strat for WLS?

wls warrior lock shaman

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Posted 29 May 2016 - 06:33 PM


I just played Warrior/Lock/Shaman a few days ago and I lost to every Turbo and Jungle cleave. so I wanted to ask what is the general strategy for "WLS" and how do we set up a kill? I hope someone can help me thanks in advance. ^_^
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#2 watchmecut

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 07:03 PM

As WLS you tend to get kill in swaps,this is verses almost every comp as WLS.For example, you're fighting a turbo cleave and you force the druid to iron bark the shaman you could simple swap to the druid in a strombolt and kill him or force other CDs.As for fighting Jungle and turbo i think the odds are against you as WLS but you can win both match ups.

my tactic verses Turbo cleave is simple you make the healer push in by kiting the dps back;try and get cds by swaping the healer when he blinks/rolls/bops annd gets away just go back to hitting the lowest dps.do this till you get a kill

Jungle is a fun match up i think cos i see a lot of fun tactics, i see teams taking all kinds of talents and specs to try and win some teams play imp(warlock) some play mass reflect some play safeguard(warrior) but i think you should always just take vigilance and observer(they my try and kill it just try and summon a new one or get a void if they do).Pala jungle is the easiest just dot everything swap around(mostly hunter and pala) and win.Priest jungle is harder what i like to do verse this is try and land a fear on the priest(don't dot the priest) storm bolt the hunter and kill in the cc.This works well as the shaman wont be kicked as much as thy will try to stop fears the priest wont be able to dispel as he is feared and all in all take a lot of pressure of your shaman.Lastly shaman jungle just /afk or insta kill the sham without link

i hope this was some help /w me ingame if you wana know more :)
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