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How to thug

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Posted 25 April 2016 - 12:56 PM

Hey guys,

two friends and I trying to find our comp. We want to try thug next.
What speccs should we run with a hdruid? I heard BM is best, but i feel like surv is more viable.
The rogue is combat or sub? Or can both work BM+Sub and Combat+Surv?
What are best targets to go on and whats the most common strat here?
Forcing someones trink and killing him in the bomb seems legit.

Also many lads seem to struggle vs those hard yolo comps like tsg - when they roflstomp the druid. Any advices?
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Posted 27 April 2016 - 05:53 PM


If u wanna thug with a rdruid you should play sub/BM. If you wanna play hpala thug then you should BM/comb. Surv could be played with both but I find the BM better for thug, simply because of the dmg.

As sub/bm/rdruid u mostly kill dps, simply because clone is awesome on low target/off target or healer. as BM/comb you often wanna kill the healer, and play more offensive.

Overall i believe sub/bm/rdruid is a lot more cordination and setup/peeling, while BM/combat/hpala is more yolo lets go offensive!

Against roflstomping teams sub is really good for peeling. Hunter and druid should get good synergy with knock traps, and hunter root talent. Then circle through root, displacer, knock trap, dash, stampeding, freedom for max kiting.

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