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2v2 lock/sham vs Surv/healer

2v2 warlock shaman survival

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#1 Anconia

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 10:43 AM

Hi Junkies,

I've recently been getting serious about pushing arenas. I figured the most controlled environment to learn the subtleties of arenas, and higher rated plays, is the 2v2 bracket. I know it's not the most balanced bracket, which leads me to today's question.

I'm an affliction warlock playing with a resto shaman. We beat most comps we come across, but survival hunters pose a problem. My usual strategy is to sacrifice an imp for singe magic, and to run dark bargain. It allows me to dispell traps off shaman, and increases the pressure on me as I'm without a soul link. The bargain comes in handy if I'm unable to dispell and get caught somewhere in the open. Overall, we win most games whenever a survival targets me.

The thing is, at 1800+ they have learned to sit on the shaman. While I can peel, it's far from sufficient and the match-up is basically a mana draining race between me and the survival hunter.

Now, given a disc priest on his side, we're just completely screwed. The disc dispells my peels from the hunter, typically tanking the UA dispell and silence with a fresh shield, and shadow magic when possible. Now, the pressure on my shaman is so great that we can't win the race, and the shaman might even topple over and die before going oom if he plays too much with the low HP stuff.

My shaman has suggested we could run observer+soul link, but I fear he'll just sit in a chain of trap+fear+silence until I'm dead without the singe magic.

Basically, the combination of survival and disc priest is blowing my comp up, and they seem to be really common at the rating I'm at currently. What's your best strategy to deal with this comp?
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#2 sarggiz

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Posted 21 April 2016 - 05:14 PM

just do max dmg and stop peeling, when hunter pop crowns u can shadowfury fear spam hunter but just try do max dmg all time and stop dispelling traps, and spellock penances etc, u both just need practis:) shaman survivng and u do more dmg pretty simple:P
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