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"new rogue" need answers to some questions!

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#1 PolIy

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 10:06 AM

I'm a fairly new rogue, and I've been getting into pvp lately, but I have a row of questions so here goes:

1. Is combat the best pvp spec? I have swords atm, but I can save up points to get daggers, I want to try assasination :)

2. Should I ALWAYS hold Slice n dice up? And what about Recuperate? Should that also have 100% uptime?

3. How do I open?
Do I do Cheap shot or Garrote?

4. What do I spend my combopoints on after my opener?
I usually do this:
Cheapshot > Reveling strike > SSx2 > Slice and Dice, then I maybe activate Adreanalin rush and the ShadowReflection and just spam SS and Eviserate, is this wrong?

5. When should I use Kidney shot? Since Cheapshot > Kidney sucks now?

6. Is Rogue the hardest class to play in pvp?

7. When I try to do big dmg as Combat I do this:
Cheapshot > AdrenalinRush, ShadowReflection, Reveling strike, SSx2, SnD > and just spam SS and Eviserate till ADrenalin is out, then I use Killingspree > Vanish > Garrote > Eviserate > PRep > Vanish > ambush > Evi.

Is this totally dumb? Since I'm wasting 2x evasion for example.

Ty for answers if I get any :3
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#2 HeyimJack

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Posted 14 April 2016 - 01:00 PM

There are dozens of guides on rogue and a ton of threads exactly like this you should check them out before making your own.

Combat/Sub are both viable

As Sub always hold Slice up and as Combat you should also always try to keep it up but it can be a waste to put it up in the opener at times as you you should probably just spam damage to get as much pressure/cds as possible.

How you open varies from what spec you play to what you're facing I recommend looking at some guides for this question

As combat you should only activate AR when you've depleted your energy so wait a few globals before popping it in the opener but ye opener can be something along the lined of MFD>Kidney>RS>SSSpam>Evis etc just do damage ans if you're doing a lot of pressure vanish evis into another cheap/garrote etc

As Sub Cheap shot is fine to use in the opener as it allows you the combopoints you need for a rupture etc as Combat it's not bad to use but you mainly want a full kidney cheapshot can be used for peels and stuff still or cross cc

Nothings hard to play at the moment

Don't use 2x prep in opener lol ye it's a waste unless you're going full mongo
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