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Posted 08 April 2016 - 07:45 AM

Yo guys =)

So me and my healer m8 are trying to get our newly found warrior friends alt warr in range for our lock/sham rating so we can play WLS. To do this i play my boomie and my rsham playes eider one of his rshams or his rdrood.

So what am i then asking for? Well, as warr/boomie/X what would be best? Rsham or Rdrood? Seen supatease play the rdrood version with great succes.

And also, how do u play it? Shall i spam clones for setups or just mash out as much dmg as i can and clone for peels (posible on healer when i am about to pop cd's)? Last night i kinda only cloned for peels and some few times befor popping cd's if enemy healer was in my line when i was ready to pop otherwize i didnt even bother :P

Derping arouned at like 2,1k mmr atm :)
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