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Help for my low-rated Shadowcleave

rdrooddk 3v3 shadowcleave turbo cleave arena affliction warlock help

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Posted 21 March 2016 - 01:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Me and my two arena partners are currently playing shadowcleave, we were able to reach 1550rating (wich is pathetic, I know). But we still (after 200+ wins) encountering ploblems to reach an higher rating, we are following a win-loss-win-loss schema :

- There are no big problems with our FROST DK, he does A LOT of damage and gets almost never killed, since no one focus DK on low rating. He is the kind of DK that passed a lot of times optimizing his DPS with the perfect rotatation.

- Me: AffLock, I do less damage than the DK (is that normal?), actually 2/3 or 3/4 of his damage. I know I have a lot of trouble keeping DoTs enabled on the enemies since I take 1/3 of my time to stay alive with TP and caiting. When I am on a good situation (it happens sometimes), I try to DoT the two DPS and Fear/Kick the Healer.

- The Rdrood, I dunno what to think about: he has a lot of trouble for staying alive when focused if he doens't use Tree Form, it's a problem because we think he should play Soul of the Forest as each good rdrood, but on low rating we encounter a lot of "retarded cleaves" so it's hard unless you have the 100% armor bonus from Tree Form. I guess I have to shadowfury/fear more often the ennemies DPS but even if I do a lot of cleaves have fear immunity spells.

When the rdrood doens't gets focused he gets CC'd very easly (the worst are feral druids and mages) even if try to kick cyclones and sheeps,

The drood is also rerolling Hpal, is it really better for that comp ?

So what I'm asking here are tips and advices. Also if you have tips against Big compos like turbo, godcomp and RMD it would be great.

Thank you a lot ! Sorry for my shitty English I'm a French native speaker so you know... haha ^^
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