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Destro Trinkts/Rings

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#1 Fakalock

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 01:37 PM

Hello =) Some questions regarding destro trinkets and rings.

I made some tests last night when looking at battle.net and realizing that every destro lock that played 2P + Charid didnt use the accolade. Is the resoning that u can accept the average CB to hit less to gain the even bigger ones if u manage to get a setup while the proc one is active? Or are they all not just interested in Ashran/RBG and simple havn't got it?
2P + Charid:


Trinket1: Mastery + Versa on use
Trinket2: Versa + Int proc

CB (DS active and On use trinket) non proc: 249k (target dummy)
CB (DS active and On use trinket) with proc: 289k (target dummy)

Trinket1: Mastery + versa on use
Trinket2: Int + Mastery (accolade)

CB (DS active and On use trinket): 259k (target dummy)
4P + Demonic Serv:
Trinket1: Mastery + versa on use
Trinket2: Int + Mastery (accolade)

Didn't test but should be the same as "Test2" above.

As i have the 735 ledgendary ring on the lock I now run destro with im not sure why every1 dosnt? Are the warmongoring rings still better in PVP due to higher Int/stam + crit/shitstat?

Also, would eider of the blue rings be worth it over the epic ones if u get it with socket?

Side note: What trinket/spec/set bonus setup is best for RBG?

Sry for the long post and thanks in advance :)

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#2 ContortedTV

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Posted 16 March 2016 - 04:23 PM

My advice is to sim the situation in various situations using SimulationCraft in order to get accurate results.

You can napkin math it as well, but I think most people have agreed the legendary ring is better O.O
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